Test Matches played on Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester (77)

  10th July 1884 Australia in England 1884 1st TestEngland v Australiat14
  5th July 1886 Australia in England 1886 1st TestEngland v Australiat22
  30th August 1888 Australia in England 1888 3rd TestEngland v Australiat30
  25th August 1890 Australia in England 1890 3rd TestEngland v Australiat34a
  24th August 1893 Australia in England 1893 3rd TestEngland v Australiat41
  16th July 1896 Australia in England 1896 2nd TestEngland v Australiat51
  17th July 1899 Australia in England 1899 4th TestEngland v Australiat63
  24th July 1902 Australia in British Isles 1902 4th TestEngland v Australiat73
  24th July 1905 Australia in British Isles 1905 4th TestEngland v Australiat86
  26th July 1909 Australia in British Isles 1909 4th TestEngland v Australiat104
  27th May 1912 Triangular Tournament 1912 1st MatchAustralia v South Africat121
  29th July 1912 Triangular Tournament 1912 6th MatchEngland v Australiat126
  23rd July 1921 Australia in British Isles 1921 4th TestEngland v Australiat143
  26th July 1924 South Africa in British Isles 1924 4th TestEngland v South Africat156
  24th July 1926 Australia in British Isles 1926 4th TestEngland v Australiat166
  21st July 1928 West Indies in British Isles 1928 2nd TestEngland v West Indiest174
  27th July 1929 South Africa in British Isles 1929 4th TestEngland v South Africat184
  25th July 1930 Australia in British Isles 1930 4th TestEngland v Australiat197
  15th August 1931 New Zealand in British Isles 1931 3rd TestEngland v New Zealandt211
  22nd July 1933 West Indies in England 1933 2nd TestEngland v West Indiest228
  6th July 1934 Australia in British Isles 1934 3rd TestEngland v Australiat235
  27th July 1935 South Africa in British Isles 1935 4th TestEngland v South Africat245
  25th July 1936 India in British Isles 1936 2nd TestEngland v Indiat253
  24th July 1937 New Zealand in British Isles 1937 2nd TestEngland v New Zealandt261
  8th July 1938 Australia in British Isles 1938 3rd TestEngland v Australiat264a
  22nd July 1939 West Indies in England 1939 2nd TestEngland v West Indiest273
  20th July 1946 India in British Isles 1946 2nd TestEngland v Indiat277
  5th July 1947 South Africa in British Isles 1947 3rd TestEngland v South Africat287
  8th July 1948 Australia in British Isles 1948 3rd TestEngland v Australiat301
  23rd July 1949 New Zealand in British Isles 1949 3rd TestEngland v New Zealandt316
  8th June 1950 West Indies in England 1950 1st TestEngland v West Indiest323
  5th July 1951 South Africa in British Isles 1951 3rd TestEngland v South Africat336
  17th July 1952 India in British Isles 1952 3rd TestEngland v Indiat353
  9th July 1953 Australia in British Isles 1953 3rd TestEngland v Australiat374
  22nd July 1954 Pakistan in British Isles 1954 3rd TestEngland v Pakistant389
  7th July 1955 South Africa in England 1955 3rd TestEngland v South Africat410
  26th July 1956 Australia in British Isles 1956 4th TestEngland v Australiat428
  24th July 1958 New Zealand in British Isles 1958 4th TestEngland v New Zealandt457
  23rd July 1959 India in British Isles 1959 4th TestEngland v Indiat477
  21st July 1960 South Africa in England 1960 4th TestEngland v South Africat495
  27th July 1961 Australia in British Isles 1961 4th TestEngland v Australiat510
  6th June 1963 West Indies in British Isles 1963 1st TestEngland v West Indiest543
  23rd July 1964 Australia in British Isles 1964 4th TestEngland v Australiat564
  2nd June 1966 West Indies in British Isles 1966 1st TestEngland v West Indiest605
  6th June 1968 Australia in British Isles 1968 1st TestEngland v Australiat637
  12th June 1969 West Indies in British Isles 1969 1st TestEngland v West Indiest653
  5th August 1971 India in England 1971 2nd TestEngland v Indiat691
  8th June 1972 Australia in British Isles 1972 1st TestEngland v Australiat698
  6th June 1974 India in British Isles 1974 1st TestEngland v Indiat739
  8th July 1976 West Indies in British Isles 1976 3rd TestEngland v West Indiest779
  7th July 1977 Australia in British Isles 1977 2nd TestEngland v Australiat805
  10th July 1980 West Indies in British Isles 1980 3rd TestEngland v West Indiest882
  13th August 1981 Australia in British Isles 1981 5th TestEngland v Australiat907
  24th June 1982 India in British Isles 1982 2nd TestEngland v Indiat929
  26th July 1984 West Indies in British Isles 1984 4th TestEngland v West Indiest992
  1st August 1985 Australia in British Isles 1985 4th TestEngland v Australiat1020
  4th June 1987 Pakistan in British Isles 1987 1st TestEngland v Pakistant1075
  30th June 1988 West Indies in England 1988 3rd TestEngland v West Indiest1100
  27th July 1989 Australia in British Isles 1989 4th TestEngland v Australiat1124
  9th August 1990 India in British Isles 1990 2nd TestEngland v Indiat1149
  2nd July 1992 Pakistan in British Isles 1992 3rd TestEngland v Pakistant1191
  3rd June 1993 Australia in British Isles 1993 1st TestEngland v Australiat1223
  30th June 1994 New Zealand in British Isles 1994 3rd TestEngland v New Zealandt1262
  27th July 1995 West Indies in British Isles 1995 4th TestEngland v West Indiest1301
  3rd July 1997 Australia in British Isles 1997 3rd TestEngland v Australiat1372
  2nd July 1998 South Africa in British Isles 1998 3rd TestEngland v South Africat1420
  5th August 1999 New Zealand in England 1999 3rd TestEngland v New Zealandt1457
  3rd August 2000 West Indies in British Isles 2000 3rd TestEngland v West Indiest1506
  31st May 2001 Pakistan in England 2001 2nd TestEngland v Pakistant1547
  13th June 2002 Sri Lanka in England 2002 3rd TestEngland v Sri Lankat1606
  12th August 2004 West Indies in British Isles 2004 3rd TestEngland v West Indiest1711
  11th August 2005 Australia in British Isles 2005 3rd TestEngland v Australiat1760
  27th July 2006 Pakistan in British Isles 2006 2nd TestEngland v Pakistant1811
  7th June 2007 West Indies in England 2007 3rd TestEngland v West Indiest1835
  23rd May 2008 New Zealand in England 2008 2nd TestEngland v New Zealandt1876
  4th June 2010 Bangladesh in British Isles 2010 2nd TestEngland v Bangladesht1959
  1st August 2013 Australia in British Isles 2013 3rd TestEngland v Australiat2092
  7th August 2014 India in England 2014 4th TestEngland v Indiat2134
  22nd July 2016 Pakistan in England and Ireland 2016 2nd TestEngland v Pakistant2208

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