A Division League Rules of TDCA - 2009-10
by Trivandrum District Cricket Association

Event:Trivandrum District Cricket Association League A Division 2010/11

DateLine: 17th April 2010



1. Wicket and duration of the match:


The league tournament will be conducted either on turf wicket or on matting wicket as decided by the league committee. All matches shall be 2 day matches with 2 innings per side.


2. Hours of Play:


09:00 am - 11:30 am - First Session

11:30 am - 12:10 pm - Lunch Break

12:10 pm - 02:10 pm - Second Session

02:10 pm - 02:30 pm - Tea Break

02:30 pm - 04:00 pm - Third Session


3. Reporting


The teams should report at the venue at least half an hour before the scheduled start of the match. (8:30 AM) If a team fails to report even after half an hour of the reporting time the match will be awarded to the opponents .If both the teams fail to report even after half an hour of the reporting time ,match will be treated as over and both the teams will be given zero points and rules regarding relegation to the lower division for giving walk over will be applied in the next year. If a match could not start in time just because of late reporting of a team or both the teams ,no. of overs proportionate to the time lost will be reduced from their first innings based on the table given below In this context, by ‘reporting’ it is meant that team should be ready to take the field. Umpires will be the sole judge to decide on the time lost.


Up to 10 Mins - Nil

11 to 15 Mins - 1 over

16 to 20 Mins - 2 over

21 to 25 Mins - 3 over

26 to 30 Mins - 4 over


In the event of a team/s failing to report on time on the 2nd day, amount of time by which the start of play got delayed due to late reporting shall be added to the time of the concerned side’s fielding time for calculating over rate


4. Number of Players and nomination of players:


The captains shall nominate their side, which should consist of 13 players in writing to one of the umpires before the toss. Additionally, before the start of each fielding / batting innings each captain shall nominate his eleven players who are going to participate in that innings from list of 13 players already nominated before the toss. If the captain of a side is not participating in an innings, then the player acting as captain for that particular innings should be notified to the umpires. In addition, any player who is not nominated as one of the eleven players participating in that innings shall be treated as a normal substitute and every restriction there of for a substitute shall apply for him as well. At any stage of the match there should be 11 players in a team on the field except in situations where more than Two players get injured during the same match..In case of violation of this, the match will be awarded to the opponents and treated equivalent to a walkover.


5. Appointment of umpires and scorers:


The umpire’s sub committee of TDCA shall appoint two umpires and a scorer for each match


6. Overs:


The first innings of both the sides participating in the match shall be restricted to 90 overs with an option to declare after 60 overs. Option of forfeiture is not available for the first innings of both the sides.There shall be no over restriction for the second innings.


The captain of the fielding side shall have the option of taking a new ball at any time after 75 overs have been bowled with the ball in use. A new ball shall be taken after 100 overs have been bowled with the ball in use.


7. Points:


The following points system shall be applied.


Outright win - 15 points and no 2nd innings bonus points

Draw with First innings lead - 6 points + 2nd innings bonus points

For team losing 1st innings lead - 2nd innings bonus points

Tie on first innings - 3 points each + 2nd innings bonus points

Loss - 0 points + 2nd innings bonus points

Draw without first innings lead being decided - 5 points each

Draw without first innings lead being decided - 5 points each

Draw with loss of first innings lead - 1 point + 2nd innings bonus points


Bonus points shall be available for the second innings and it shall be as follows:


Bowling Points


For 3 wickets - 1 Point

For 6 wickets - 2 Points

For 9 wickets or all out - 3 Points


Batting Points


For 150 runs - 1 Point

For 200 runs - 2 Points

For 250 runs - 3 Points


One bonus point will be given for all the teams if a team bats for its full quota of 90 overs in its first innings. This point shall be in addition to the points mentioned above.


8. Fast short pitched delivery:


Bowlers are allowed to bowl only two fast short pitched delivery in an over even if it is a wide. Fast short-pitched delivery is a delivery, which after pitching, passes or would have passed over head height of the striker standing upright at the crease. The umpire shall call and signal No ball for each such delivery if bowled more than twice in an over. The procedure for dangerous and unfair bowling shall be adopted against the bowlers who bowls more than permitted number of fast short pitched deliveries in an over.


9. Negative Tactics:


For bowlers whom umpires consider to be bowling down the leg side as a negative tactic shall be strictly dealt with.


10. Playing time lost and adjusting the number of overs:


A minimum over rate of 15 overs per hour shall be maintained. Over rate shall be calculated at the end of each innings. In calculating the minimum over rate the following allowance shall be made.


A penalty of 10 runs per over shall be imposed on the bowling side which fails to maintain the minimum over rate. Over in progress shall be considered as a completed over for this purpose


Over rate shall be calculated using the following formulae:


Number of overs bowled x 60 / (divided by) Time taken in minutes + delay due to late reporting) - Time made as allowance


Minimum of ninety overs shall be bowled on each day. An extra time of 30 minutes shall be made available to complete the minimum number of overs in the day.


Playing time lost up to a maximum of 2 hrs before the start of the match shall be adjusted by extending playing hours by one hour on each day or starting early on the subsequent day. However in any case, play shall not be scheduled for more than 7 hours in a day.


The TDCA league committee shall reschedule the match, if more than two hours of playing time is lost before the start of the match. After rescheduling if the same situation arises again the match shall be considered as abandoned and both the side shall get 4 points each


After the commencement of the match playing time lost shall be made up by extending to a maximum of one hour on each day.


If playing time is lost after the lead on first innings is decided playing time shall not be altered with and minimum number of over shall be deducted at the rate of one over for full four minutes of playing time lost.


11. Registration and Identity of Players:


No player who is not registered to the association prior to the match shall be allowed to play.


Each team should bring two identical copies of the team signed by the captain/club secretary or Manager. One should be handed over to the umpire and the other to the opposing captain.


The umpires or any authorized person on behalf of Trivandrum District Cricket Association has the authority to verify the identity of any player during a match and has the right to disallow the player from playing that match if he is not satisfied with the identity of that player.


12. Walkovers and Conceding:


The teams, which give walkover, fail to turn up for, or concede before playing in any of their matches; will be considered to be having nil points. If more than 2 teams do so, all such teams will be demoted to the next lower division and the same number of teams will be promoted from there to maintain the total number of teams


13. Schedules:


Matches will be informed to the teams in writing/over telephone/mobile phone SMS/Fax


  1. Change in fixtures will not be allowed. In case of emergency due to organizational or any other difficulties, League Committee reserves the right to do so, or to change the venue, and that change will be informed to the teams concerned before the match, as early as possible.


  3. The request for change in fixtures by any club will be considered only if 3 or more regular players of that particular club go to play representative cricket or appear for a competitive examination provided they produce material evidence at least 5 days before the match.


  5. Matches abandoned due to bad weather will be rescheduled, if it is abandoned before the first innings lead is decided. But if the same situation arises for the second time the match shall be considered a no result and each team shall get 5 points each.


  7. In the case of employment transfer, if the player has played in the league matches for his former club he will not be allowed to participate in any other league matches in the same year irrespective of the divisions.


  9. Players seeking transfer should obtain NOC from their parent club and submit before the Association


  11. While seeking transfer, the player should surrender his identity card and obtain a new one on payment of fees.


14. Protests:


Any protest arising with respect to a particular match should be lodged in writing by the captain or the manager of the team along with a fee of Rs.500/- (Rupees Five Hundred only), which will be returned if the protest is found valid, to the chairman of the League Committee within 24 hours of the completion of the match. Protests pertaining to the on field decisions of the umpires shall not be entertained.


15. Restriction on mobiles phones:


No players shall use mobile phones inside the ground when the play is on. If any player is found violating this the umpire shall send that player out of the field for the rest of the session and no substitute shall be allowed.


Use of mobile phones by the umpires on the field shall be reported to the TDCA by the teams and strict actions shall be taken against the concerned umpire.


16. Balls:


All match balls shall be provided by TDCA.


17. In addition to this MCC code 2000 revised on 2003 shall be followed for the conduct of the match.


18. Format of the league:


  1. Teams will be divided in to two groups of 5 teams each and all the teams in the same group will play each other once.

  3. Top two teams from each group will qualify for the semi finals which will be conducted on a knock out basis where the top team of one group will take on the runner up of the other group and vice versa

  5. In the event of two or more teams having same number of points, team which has taken more number of points in the match / matches played between these side / sides shall be placed higher. In the event of this also being equal team that has got more number of outright victories shall be placed higher. If this is also equal wicket rate shall be taken in to consideration for positioning.

  7. The team which is placed last in each pool shall be demoted to the next lower division


19. Committee’s Rights:


The League committee reserves the right to interpret or modify any or the rules if such a necessary arises. In case of disputes, the decision of the League Committee shall be final and binding.


All the players are here by requested to maintain strict discipline and decorum at the ground