Scotland v Yorkshire 21, 22 & 23 July 1887
by Cricket Scotland

Ground:Raeburn Place, Edinburgh
Scorecard:Scotland v Yorkshire
Event:Yorkshire in Scotland 1887

DateLine: 4th February 2013




Day 1:
The most important match of the Scottish cricket season, that against Yorkshire county, was begun in lovely weather at Raeburn Place yesterday. A.G. Pearson was an absentee from the Scottish team and A.R. Don Wauchope took his place; while Wardell and Denton's places in the county team were filled by Preston and Lees.


Yorkshire won the toss and Hall and Ulyett were sent in to face the bowling of G. Thornton and R. Scott (pavilion end). Hall played Scott's opening ball prettily past mid-on, the ball going to the boundary for 4.


The play became excessively slow and nothing but singles were scored, but by a couple of successive mistakes at mid-on and long-on by Le Messurier and Emmett (who was fielding for Lord George Scott; who had not arrived), gave a 4 to Ulyett off Scott. A bad stroke of Ulyett's off Thornton almost resulted in him being caught in slips, but the ball went to the boundary for 4.


Le Messurier relieved Scott at 45, but Ulyett sent one hard and straight back to Thornton, who failed to hold it; and was relieved by J.S. Carrick just afterwards. Both bowlers began well, but then the West of Scotland man was hit for three 4's in two overs. Ulyett, however, was easily thrown out by Thornton at 87, through a misunderstanding with Hall when he only wanted one for his fifty.


After Lee came in Thornton took the ball from Carrick and 100 appeared after Lee cut Thornton to the boundary. Scott relieved Messurier at 109, and with the score at 113 the lunch bell rang. After lunch, Hall and Lee were opposed by Thornton and Scott (pavilion end). Lee drove the Drumpellier man right into the tennis ground for a six, a hit which evoked loud cheering.


At 146 Le Messurier came on vice Scott, and five later Stevenson's underhands were tried in place of Thornton. At 152 Le Messurier bowled Lee who was trying to repeat his 6-hit. Hon. M.B. Hawke succeeded but at 160 Hall was splendidly taken at square leg, just on the ropes. With 13 runs added since the fall of the last wicket, Hawke took a lofty off drive off the underhands, which Pope took finely close to the ropes- four for 175.


Peel joined Bates who let out at the Craigmount bowler, and was grandly taken at long-off by Lord George Scott at 196, again just on the ropes. Preston filled the vacancy, and Thornton bowled at the farm end vice Stevenson, the 200 appearing in his first over as a result of a brace to Preston. At 203, however, Balfour took a smart catch at the wickets, causing Preston to retire and Letting in Wade.


The runs now came very slowly, Stevenson taking the ball from Thornton, and Scott from Le Messurier. At 246 Scott clean bowled Peel, who was succeeded by Grimshaw, on whose arrival the rate of scoring became somewhat more rapid. The underhand bowler was put off in favour of Thornton, and off the Varsity trundler Grimshaw was caught in the slips at 261.


Emmett, his successor, was greeted with cheers on his entering the field. The veteran cut Thornton for 5 (2 overthrow), and a couple of overs later Scott gave the ball to Le Messurier. With the score at 276, Wauchope was tried vice Thornton; but as he was proving rather expensive, Carrick came on in his place at 295.


In the West bowler's first over, Emmett should have been caught in slips, and in his second a 4 brought out 300 at 5.35. At 303 Wade was caught in slips, and, and Hunter whipped in. The wicket-keeper was, however, held at wickets in hitting Le Messurier, and the innings closed at six o'clock for 313. The fielding of the home team was brilliant throughout.


At a quarter past six Messrs R.J. Pope and H.J. Stevenson opened the Scottish innings to the bowling of Emmett and Bates. At 14 the veteran clean bowled Pope and stumps were then drawn for the night.


Day 2:
When play ceased in this match on Thursday night, Yorkshire had completed an innings of 313, while the Scottish eleven had one wicket down for 14. The overnight not out (Stevenson) accompanied to the wickets yesterday at 12.10 by L.M. Balfour.


Bates opened the bowling at the pavilion end, and Emmett was entrusted with the delivery from the other end. Off the second ball of the veteran's first over the Yorkshire captain took a fine one-handed catch at mid on, dismissing Balfour with 4 runs added to the overnight total-two for 18.


J.S. Carrick came in, and both batsmen had boundary hits, 10 appearing when Carrick hit the left hander square to the boundary. At 42, however, Stevenson was easily caught at cover point off the slow bowler, and R.H. Johnston followed.


At 50 the West of Scotland captain was most unfortunately run out while Johnston, after all but meeting the fate of Carrick, was clean bowled by the left hander at 54, the 4 having been added by a boundary cut of Le Messurier, who had succeeded Carrick. A.R. Don Wauchope was next, and he lifted Bates tight into the tennis ground for a 6, a hit exactly similar to Lee's on the previous day.


Three overs later, Preston came on for Bates, the total being 73. Emmett gave the ball to Peel, and with the first ball of his fifth over the new bowler clean bowled Wauchope at 98, the pair having put on 44 runs for the sixth wicket.


Lord George Scott came in and at 1.40 the hundred went up. Wade relieved Preston at the pavilion end at 106, but 3 later the Craigmount man was caught at extra cover. J Duncan went in next, taking the place of J.G. Walker who is seriously ill, it seems, and who had to leave the field before the conclusion of play on Thursday evening. At lunch the score was 117 for seven wickets, Lord George Scott having been in for twenty five minutes for a single.


On resuming after luncheon, Lord George Scott and J. Duncan were opposed by Wade and Peel. Duncan was caught in slips at 132, and at the same total Thornton was taken at point off the second ball he received-nine-132. With the total at 141, R. Scott was run out, and the innings closed leaving the Scotsmen in the minority of 172 runs.


L.M. Balfour took Lord George Scott with him to open the second innings of the Scotsmen, Wade and Peel bowling. After 18 had been scored off four overs of Wade's he was deposed by Ulyett. This bowler made a most inauspicious opening, as 11 runs were scored off his first over, but in his second Balfour was stumped, the ball rebounding off Hunter's pads-one for 37.


Carrick, who succeeded, began very carefully and at 47 Emmett took the ball from Peel at the farm end. This change had no effect, but Ulyett should have taken Lord George Scott off his own bowling. Bates came on vice Ulyett at the pavilion end. Carrick opened his account with five boundary hits and at 81 Preston took the ball from Emmett, who had opened with five successive maidens, and Wade bowled the next over vice Bates. Seven runs were scored off Wade's first over, and after bowling another over he was relieved by Peel.


The hundred went up at 5.5, and in Peel's first over Lord George Scott completed his fifty by a single to the on. Hall came on with underhands at the farm end and, in his second over, he should have taken a ball Lord George Scott sent back to him. Carrick spooned a very soft one to Emmett at mid-off, but the veteran seemed to think Wade was going to take the chance, with the result that the ball was left alone.


Carrick at this stage had 39 to his credit, and at 136 Hall, after bowling three overs for 19 runs, was relieved by Emmett. A double change was next tried, Bates and Ulyett going on, but still the runs came. At 187, however, Carrick was caught at cover point.


R.J. Pope succeeded, but without any addition to the total, he was caught in slips. Lord George Scott was in Ulyett's next over clean bowled, and had thus very hard lines for his 100, although when he had 96 Bates gave him a full pitch to leg which he should have hit to the boundary. His score of 96 included eleven 4's..


J.H. Le Messurier joined Stevenson and at 6.15 250 appeared, the second hundred having thus taken seventy minutes to compile. Five minutes from time Le Messurier was clean bowled at 208. R.H. Johnston came in and four overs later time was called.


Day 3:
In the Edinburgh District the principal attraction was the concluding day's play of the match between Scotland and Yorkshire which brought to a conclusion a most successful week's cricket at the Grange ground, Raeburn Place; both from a financial and a cricketing point of view.


On Friday night, Scotland had lost five wickets in their second innings and were 45 runs on. At 12.25, the not outs, Stevenson and Johnston, were opposed by Bates (pavilion end) and Ulyett.


In trying to steal a run from a hit of Johnston's to cover point, Peel threw out Stevenson at 220 and A R Don Wauchope came in. Seven wickets were down for 220, Wauchope being clean bowled in Ulyett's next over.


J Duncan succeeded and his partner hit Ulyett square and cut him, both to the boundary. As he again cut Ulyett to the boundary, the fast bowler was displaced by Peel at 238, and in his first over Johnston hit him to the on boundary, an operation which he repeated just afterwards. Off Bates, however, he gave a hard chance in slips to Peel, and a few overs later Wade relieved Bates at 254.


A fine low catch at cover-point at 263 dismissed Duncan and after R Scott had come in, Johnston, with 43 to his credit sent a warm one back to Wade, who failed to hold it. Scott was caught at point, however, off the next ball at 264, and Thornton brought up the rear.


The lunch bell rang at 1.30 with the score 268 for nine. The second over after lunch sufficed to get rid of Thornton at 268, and the Tykes were left with 97 to get to win.


Hall and Hon. M B Hawke went in at three o'clock to begin the Yorkshire second innings, R Scott and G Thornton bowling. In the fifth over bowled, the Yorks captain was caught in deep slip at 8, and Ulyett came in, scoring 4 off the first ball he received.


At 27, Thornton dismissed Ulyett by taking a splendid catch off his own bowling. Lee cut Scott to the boundary and Hall brought out 50 in Thornton's next over by a similar stroke.


At 54, Le Messurier bowled at the Pavilion end for Scott, who was given a turn at the other end. As this did not effect the desired separation, Lord George Scott took the ball from the Drumpellier bowler at 69 and off his bowling Pope all but took a really fine catch at mid-off from Hall. Thornton resumed for Lord George Scott, but at 4.30 a 4-bye put the match to the credit of the Yorkshire men by eight wickets.

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