Scotland v Yorkshire 12, 13 & 14 July 1888
by Cricket Scotland

Ground:Raeburn Place, Edinburgh
Scorecard:Scotland v Yorkshire
Event:Yorkshire in Scotland 1888

DateLine: 4th February 2013




Day 1:
The best cricket weather that has been experienced in Edinburgh this season favoured the first day's play in this match-the event of the year-at Raeburn Place yesterday. The wicket also was in rare run-getting order, and the collapse of the Scottish eleven in the first innings is therefore all the more unaccountable. There was a very fair attendance.


L.M. Balfour won the toss and went in, but the batting, with one or two exceptions was very weak, and the total only reached 76. The veteran Emmett bowled exceedingly well throughout. The feature of the Yorkshire innings was the batting of Lee, who played free cricket for his runs, and the excellent bowling of G.E. Robinson, the Craigmount master.


At 12.18 L.M. Balfour was accompanied to the wickets by H.M. Horsburgh-Emmett (pavilion end) and Wade bowling. Balfour got Emmett's first ball luckily past cover for a couple, and then followed the customary wide. The total was only 4 when Horsburgh, in attempting to drive Emmett hit the ball high to mid-off, where he was caught.


H.J. Stevenson joined his captain, who drove Wade straight for a couple, but at 8 Stevenson was bowled. T. Anderson played Wade to the on for a brace, and then saw Balfour clean bowled-three for 10.


R.H. Johnston opened by hitting Emmett square for 4, hut at 15 he lost Anderson who failed to get hold of one of Emmett's, and was caught at extra mid-off. A.G.G. Asher came in, and Johnston cut Wade prettily past cover for 4 and through slips for a trio in his next over. The Lorettonian replied by sending Wade to leg to the boundary, and on-driving him also to the boundary, bringing up 30 after fifty minutes play.


This brought on Wainwright for Wade at 31, and in his first over Asher had a lucky one through slips to the pavilion rails, and just afterwards cut him for 3. At 43 Asher was bowled, and one later Johnston hit wicket, making six wickets down. J.T. Soutar was bowled with the next ball, but G.E. Robinson cut Wainwright for 4 and 3, bringing on Preston in that bowler's place at 63.


Six later, Grimshaw took a grand catch just on the ground at short slip, dismissing Robinson. R.K. Hair brought up the rear, and scored a brace and a single before a yorker from the fast bowler brought the innings to a close.


After the luncheon interval, Hall and Grimshaw opened the Yorkshire batting, the bowling being entrusted to G.E. Robinson and J.T. Soutar. The scoring was slow at the start, and Robinson bowled six maidens from the pavilion end before Grimshaw hit him for 3. Le Messurier was applauded for some good fielding in slips. Grimshaw was clean bowled at 15, and at five later A.S. Day was lbw.


Lee opened in his usual style, as in one over he cut the Perthshire bowler for 4, and hit him to leg out of the ground for 6. The bowlers changed ends at 33, but Lee hit Soutar to the on and to the leg for 4 each, and cut him for 3 in one over. This brought on Hair at 45, Lee hitting his first delivery to the on for a trio, and afterwards driving him right over the pavilion into the tennis courts for 6-a grand stroke.


Le Messurier relieved the Greenock bowler at 70, and in his first over the Yorkshire captain was caught at wickets, after a patient innings for 15. Lockwood early got to work, getting Robinson to leg for 4, and repeating the hit through a bit of bad fielding by Hair. The three figures went up after an hour and a half's batting and at 115 Soutar was tried at the pavilion end vice Le Messurier.


Stevenson clean bowled Lockwood at 116, and H. Hill came out to Lee, who gained his fifty by on-driving Stevenson for a couple. At 143, however, Lee after a hard hit 55, skied one to mid-on. His innings did not include a chance, and among his hits were two 6's, three 4's, and four 3's.


Balfour had received a hard knock at the wickets, which he vacated in favour of Johnston. Wade came in, but at 148 was caught at long slip. Wainwright was next, and although runs came slowly, Hair was tried for Soutar. At 178 Stevenson took the ball from Robinson, and off his first ball the amateur was well caught at short slip. Preston came in and hit a full pitch from Stevenson out of the field to square leg. Stumps were then drawn.


Day 2:
Another grand day's cricketing weather was experienced during the second day's play in this match at Raeburn Place, Edinburgh. Yorkshire continued their first innings which closed for 264, leaving the Scotsmen 188 to save an innings defeat.


The home team, however, made almost as poor a show in their second innings as the lot were disposed of for 129, leaving Yorkshire winners by an innings and 59 runs. A return match was engaged in to fill up the afternoon and today. The attendance was fair, although not so good as on the first day.


At 12.15 the overnight not outs, Wainwright and Preston, faced the bowling of G.E. Robinson and J.T. Soutar. The colt hit Soutar twice to the boundary, and 200 went up. Preston got Robinson through slips to the boundary, and then Anderson was cheered for his fielding. At 227 Le Messurier relieved Soutar, and Preston drove him straight into the farm field for six.


At 249 Stevenson was tried for Le Messurier, and in his first over Preston skied a ball to mid-on. Eight for 259. The outgoing batsman had hit hard for his score, which included two 6's, four 4's, and two 3's. Robinson dismissed Emmett at 260, and 4 later Wainwright, who looked like carrying his bat, was bowled by the underhands. Wainwright played for his runs, and displayed patience in their compilation.


H.M. Horsburgh and H.J. Stevenson opened the home eleven's second adventure-Emmett and Wade bowling. At 7 Horsburgh was bowled, and then Asher and Stevenson played till lunch, when the score was 19.


After lunch, Wade (pavilion end) and Emmett were the bowlers. The Lorettonian played particularly pretty cricket, scoring freely off Emmett, while an overthrow gave Stevenson 5 off the same bowler. Asher played Emmett prettily to square leg for 4, and at 42 Preston bowled from the farm end.


The new bowler sent down four maidens to Asher, who then got him through slips for a brace; but Stevenson played the next ball into his wicket. Two for 47. Balfour opened by cutting Preston through slips to the boundary, but at 62 Asher fell to a magnificent left-handed catch at long slip.


T. Anderson came in, but at 77 he was smartly stumped-Emmett relieving Wade-while 2 later his successor Johnston was grandly caught with one hand at cover point. Balfour was clean bowled at 84, and then at 94 Hunter's right hand was hurt, and Hampson, the Craigmount professional, came out to keep wickets. Le Messurier cut Preston through slips to the boundary, but in the next over he was clean bowled at 99.


Preston scattered Robinson's stumps at 100, but Soutar opened out and drove Emmett to the ropes for 4, while Wauchope cut Emmett past point for 4. Hair came last, and Wauchope off-drove Preston for 4, but the end came at 4.55 when a silly attempt at a run lost Hair's wicket.


Scotland XI v Yorkshire 13 & 14 July 1888 Day 1: Hall and Mr Day went in to the bowling of the Craigmount representatives Robinson and Le Messurier. The first three wickets fell with the total at 1, Day being bowled, Hall run out through a sharp return of Wauchope's, and Lee well caught at short slip.


With four runs added, Hill received his dismissal from Le Messurier, and at 6.30, when stumps were drawn for the day Yorkshire had lost six good wickets for 29 runs.


Day 2:
As was to be expected, this return match at Raeburn Place Edinburgh resulted in a draw. The Scotsmen, however, made a much better show that in the first match, and although the wicket played somewhat queerly, they put on a good total of 240.


There was a good attendance of spectators. W.C. Johnston of the Grange took Emmett's place and A.O. Mackenzie of Lasswade played for T. Anderson. Overnight Yorkshire had lost six wickets for 29 runs, and at 12.30 on Saturday, Wade the not out was accompanied to the wicket by Lockwood. The bowling was entrusted to G.E. Robinson and J.H. Le Messurier.


The innings was quickly brought to a close, Wade out last at 52 for a careful 18. L.M. Balfour and H.M. Horsburgh opened the home innings to the bowling of Wade and Preston.


The total was 13 when Horsburgh played on and Asher came in. Wainwright just failed to get at a catch from Balfour in the slips. Wade and Preston were the bowlers after lunch. Balfour drove successive balls from Wade to the tennis house and long-off for 4 each, bringing on Wainwright.


The Yorkshire score was passed, and then Balfour was missed at long-off by W.C. Johnston off Preston. Balfour then cut Preston and put him to leg for 4 each, and Asher cut Wainwright to the boundary. At 77 Balfour was finely caught at extra cover.


Johnston came in and at 87 Lee relieved Preston. Asher got him to the leg boundary in his first over and in his next on-drove him for 4. Wade came on at 113 and Asher drove his first ball clean over the ropes for 4. At 118 Preston relieved Wainwright, and at 125 Asher was run out after a meritorious innings of 51.


The Lorettonian was following up but got over his crease before the bowler delivered the ball and the bails were promptly nipped off. His runs had been got in genuine cricket, and his hits included seven 4's, and four 5's. Stevenson and Johnston made another stand, and at 155 Lockwood relieved Preston. In his first over a misunderstanding between the batsmen led to Stevenson being run out.


Wauchope came in, and runs came fast. After bowling changes Hall was tried at 185, and in his first over Johnston was run out. Mackenzie was missed before he had scored, but at 200 was smartly stumped.


At 227 Le Messurier was bowled by Preston, who had relieved Lockwood, and Robinson came in. Wauchope was missed at the wicket when he had scored 35, but at 236 Robinson was clean bowled. Soutar played his first ball to mid-on and called on Wauchope to go, with the result that the Fettesian was badly run out. Soutar was clean bowled at 240 and the stumps were then drawn.

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