International Cricket in Pakistan - will it ever happen?

Player:G Boycott, Imran Khan, Intikhab Alam

DateLine: 29th October 2013


Could the next season herald a return to the international cricketing world for Pakistan? It certainly looks that way. It’s been over four long years since Pakistan has enjoyed international cricket on home turf but it looks as though the worm may finally be turning and it’s possible a World XI team will be invited to the country to play at some point in the next few months.


Lahore terrorist attacks
The reason Pakistan has been bereft of international Test cricket teams since 2009 is because in March that year terrorists attacked the team from Sri Lanka in Lahore.


But recently Intikhab Alam, himself a former Director, coach and manager of the Pakisatan team but now a senior member of the Pakistan Cricket Board, has been widely quoted in media as saying that the international division of the board are making moves to invite either a World XI or a team from England to play in Pakistan.


When will Test cricketers be back in Pakistan?
They haven’t confirmed the exact timeframe of when it may happen but they have said that it will be in the ‘next few months’. Intikhab has said that: “We feel that even if a county team comes from England it could help our cause to revive international cricket.”


He went on: "We are doing our best because we realize that our players need to be playing at home. It is important for our future generation of players.”


The board certainly seems convinced that international cricket can safely be played in Pakistan with the proper security.


Backed by Boycott
Legendary English batsman Geoff Boycott has said that he thinks international cricket should go back to Pakistan and he would have no problem going back there to watch or play.


Boycott played a lot during 1962 to 1986 and has been quoted as saying that he really enjoyed playing in Pakistan and feels that Imran Khan is the best Pakistani cricketer the country has ever produced and that his ability to keep himself totally committed and disciplined keeps him a step above the rest.


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Further strengthening his position, Boycott went on to compare Pakistan players with South Africa - the top Test side at the moment in the world. Boycott thinks that Pakistan could give them a run for their money as they have a couple of key players who are nearing the end of their careers.


With such illustrious support and the apparent backing by other - as yet unnamed - bodies, it’s likely that we could see international Test cricket returning to Pakistan in 2014.


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