Pat Cummins to have advantage with the shortened finger
by Bipin Dani

Player:PJ Cummins, Azeem Hafeez
Event:Australia in India 2016/17

DateLine: 22nd March 2017


Mumbai, Mar. 20 : Former Pakistani fast bowler Azeem Hafeez glued before the TV at his Karachi home to watch the bowling of Aussie fast bowler Pat Cummins.


The 24-year-old right-hand fast bowler Cummins, who is playing his second Test against India at Ranchi is missing the top few centimeter part of the middle finger on his bowling hand. This was due to his sister's mistake of slamming the door on it when he was hardly 3-4 years old.


Unlike Cummins, Azeem Hafeez had few fingers missing on his right (non-bowling) hand.


Speaking exclusively from Pakistan, the former fast bowler Hafeez says, "Pat Cummins will have an advantage with this shortened finger. He will be able to swing the ball more because of getting better grip over the seam of the ball".


"As this accident happened to him several years ago he would have been used to it by now. Had it happened recently, perhaps, it would have been more difficult for him to adjust".


"He will not find any difficulty while batting, catching and fielding".


"I was born with three fingers less and it was God Almighty's wish and I accepted it as a challenge".


"As it was a deformity by birth, I adjusted it quickly and was not finding it difficult to play the game or do my day-to-day routine work". . .


"I will keenly follow Cummins' cricketing and watch him bowl in the Tests", he signed off.


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