Brief profile of Hasan Adnan
by Matthew Reed

Player:Hasan Adnan

DateLine: 15th October 2005


With a proven ability to score heavily in both English and Pakistani domestic cricket, Hasan Adnan is clearly a versatile and adaptable batsmen. An accumulative rather than a blistering batsman, he is still ruthless on anything short and wide or on his pads. He attributes his dip in form for part of the 2005 season to his reign as 2004 Derbyshire Player Of The Year, which he felt gave him a greater responsibility to go out and dominate attacks rather than relying on his natural game of playing each ball on it’s merits. Although made on a flat pitch, his career best 191 against Somerset in September 2005 was such a chanceless knock (he was eventually run out) that he said he was disappointed to miss out on 300, never mind 200. Although his age would count against him regarding international selection even if he scored heavily over the coming seasons, the fact he is now English qualified ensures he will now be staying in the English game in the era of levies on non-England qualified players. Ironically, some commentators feel he was unlucky to have never been capped by Pakistan in the late 1990’s, when he continually averaged 50 plus. His off-spin is innocuous, until it is treated as such by careless or overly aggressive batsmen.


(October 2005)

(Article: Copyright © 2005 Matthew Reed)