Croft steps down as Glamorgan captain
by CricketArchive

Player:RDB Croft, DL Hemp

DateLine: 11th September 2006


Glamorgan Cricket has announced that Robert Croft has decided to give up the captaincy with immediate effect. David Hemp, senior professional under Croft, will take over as Captain.


Robert Croft said:
"After a great deal of thought I wish to announce that I am stepping down as Captain of Glamorgan with immediate affect. I have always believed that each person who holds or has held the position would know within themselves when the right time arrives to pass over the reins to another, someone who would view the needs of the Club with fresh eyes. I have held the position with unimaginable pride and experienced great moments both on and off the field."


"In standing down at this time it gives the Club the opportunity to make an appointment for the longer term. I will, of course, give David my 100% backing in the remainder of my time in the Club and I will do all in my power to ensure my own game reaches the standards I set for myself. I want to place on record my thanks to the coaching staff, players, groundstaff and office staff who have supported me and to the members of the Club for their unstinting loyalty."


Chief Executive Mike Fatkin said:
"We are disappointed that Robert has felt it necessary to resign the captaincy but we recognize his reasons. He has led the team in a difficult period, with younger players coming through following the retirements of a number of more senior players, and we appreciate the wholehearted way in which he has approached the challenges. We have certainly never had any cause to question his commitment to the role and we have no doubt that this commitment will continue. He has two years remaining on his contract and is enjoying one of his best seasons ever with the ball. We know that he will provide whatever help, advice and support possible to David and that he will continue to play a significant part in helping to develop the team."


"We are fortunate to have someone of David's experience and ability to take over. He will have his own ideas as to how to approach the captaincy and we will be talking with him in the coming weeks to ensure that we are providing the right framework of off-field support in order to enable him to start bringing about an improvement in the team's performances with effect from next season. David has the full support of everyone at the Club."


David Hemp said:
"I am delighted to have been given the opportunity to captain Glamorgan, though naturally these are not the circumstances I would have wished for. Having been senior professional I know the difficulties that Robert has had to deal with and his reasons for standing down. The fact that he has managed to have such a good season individually speaks volumes for his character, but we're all grateful to him for what he has done."


"I will relish the chance to lead the side. It is true that we've experienced a couple of difficult summers but I believe there is a lot of talent and ability within the squad and I'm really looking forward to working with the players and coaches in developing that talent and, ultimately, in trying to bring success back to Glamorgan Cricket. I will be sitting down with the Chief Executive and the Chairman in the coming weeks to discuss a variety of issues and agree on how we all want to go forward so that we're as well prepared as possible when the 2007 season starts."