Nottinghamshire Cricket Board Premier League Twenty20 2010

20 Jun 2010 First RoundClifton Village v Attenborough not known misc132792
20 Jun 2010 First RoundMansfield Hosiery Mills v Kimberley Institute not known misc132793
20 Jun 2010 First Round#Nottinghamshire Cricket Academy v Welbeck Colliery not known misc132798
20 Jun 2010 First RoundCaythorpe v Radcliffe-on-Trent not known misc132791
20 Jun 2010 First RoundWest Indian Cavaliers v Papplewick and Linby not known misc132799
20 Jun 2010 First RoundWollaton v Cuckney not known misc132800
20 Jun 2010 Second RoundClifton Village v Caythorpe not known misc132796
20 Jun 2010 Second RoundCuckney v Welbeck Colliery not known misc132797
20 Jun 2010 Second RoundKimberley Institute v West Indian Cavaliers not known misc132794
13 Aug 2010 Semi-FinalClifton Village v West Indian Cavaliers Trent Bridge, Nottingham misc132801
13 Aug 2010 Semi-Final#Cuckney v Rolls Royce Trent Bridge, Nottingham misc132802
20 Aug 2010 FinalClifton Village v Cuckney Hall Lane, Papplewick misc132803

The scorecards marked with a # are potted scores only.