Ulster Shield 2007

03 Jun 2007 First RoundArdmore v Cliftonville Bleachgreen, Ardmore ulcup158
03 Jun 2007 First RoundBurndennett v Armagh no ground arranged ulcup158a
03 Jun 2007 First RoundColeraine v Church of Ireland Young Men's Society Lodge Road, Coleraine ulcup159
03 Jun 2007 First RoundCreevedonnell v Laurelvale Creevedonnell Cricket Club Ground, Creevedonnell ulcup160
03 Jun 2007 First Round#Dunmurry v Sion Mills Dunmurry, Belfast ulcup161
03 Jun 2007 First Round#Holywood v Killyclooney not known ulcup162
03 Jun 2007 First Round#Muckamore v St Johnston Moylena Ground, Muckamore ulcup163
03 Jun 2007 First Round#Woodvale v Bonds Glen not known ulcup164
08 Jul 2007 Quarter-Final#Bonds Glen v Muckamore not known ulcup169
08 Jul 2007 Quarter-FinalBurndennett v Holywood Burndennett Cricket Club Ground, Burndennett ulcup170
08 Jul 2007 Quarter-FinalChurch of Ireland Young Men's Society v Dunmurry not known ULCUP
08 Jul 2007 Quarter-FinalCliftonville v Laurelvale not known ULCUP
29 Jul 2007 Semi Final#Church of Ireland Young Men's Society v Muckamore Circular Road, Belfast ulcup173
29 Jul 2007 Semi FinalCliftonville v Holywood Cliftonville Cricket Club, Greenisland ULCUP
19 Aug 2007 Final#Church of Ireland Young Men's Society v Cliftonville Circular Road, Belfast ulcup177

The scorecards marked with a # are potted scores only.