Bowling in Hallyburton Johnstone Shield 1959/60 (Ordered by Average)

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VR Coutts (Well)10192842-157.00 00
JJR Haworth (Cant)3611822-69.00 00
BI Thorner (Well)88055235256-769.40 31
EJ Maker (Well)60535197177-2511.58 11
ME Taylor (Auck)54038144106-2214.40 10
VR Stevens (Auck)14854432-2814.66 00
RU McKenzie (Auck)56024158105-4115.80 10
A Skinner (Auck)4922215193-4216.77 00
DMM Robinson (Ot)96760313186-7617.38 20
PN Moore (Cant)37214192105-1219.20 10
PA Reid (Cant)211148043-520.00 00
NML Taylor (Auck)9634622-3923.00 00
HJ Adam (Well)12694721-723.50 00
EM Sinclair (Ot)45018243104-3124.30 00
IM Lamason (Well)2101010042-2925.00 00
MJ Currie (Well)5113221072-1930.00 00
V Wallace (Auck)4213011-3030.00 00
GN Oram (Auck)3813011-930.00 00
HM Steere (Cant)16339133-6330.33 00
LM Todd (Cant)4081623473-9933.42 00
EA Paton (Ot)7313931394-4634.77 00
OE Williams (Cant)3781021662-5236.00 00
JM Goddard (Ot)2591211421-3357.00 00
LI Bayliss (Cant)4502819132-3063.66 00
JM Stevens (Auck)6010    
BA Moore (Cant)601420    
P Blackler (Well)15011010