Fielding in RSA Inter-Provincial Cup 2013 (Ordered by Dismissals)

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C Dougherty (Nor)38 8
BJ Ackland (Lein)35 5
LT Nelson (Nor)33 3
AD Poynter (Lein)33 3
MC Sorensen (Lein)43 3
D Barr (NW)12 2
SA Britton (NW)22 2
RL Dougherty (NW)2112
FP McAllister (Lein)3112
AR McBrine (NW)32 2
EJ Richardson (Lein)42 2
MP Taiaroa (Nor)1112
A van der Merwe (Lein)42 2
B Allen (NW)11 1
J Anderson (Lein)41 1
S Campbell (NW)21 1
PD Collins (Lein)11 1
PC Connell (NW)21 1
JD Hall (Nor)11 1
Iftikhar Hussain (NW)31 1
BJ McCarthy (Lein)11 1
NJ McDonnell (NW)31 1
J Milligan (NW)11 1
EO Moleon (Nor)21 1
JF Mooney (Lein)21 1
SJP Moreton (Lein)11 1
KJ O'Brien (Lein)31 1
DA Rankin (NW)31 1
DD Simpson (Nor)31 1
GJ Thompson (Nor)21 1
AR White (Nor)31 1