Bowling in Forrest Cup 1955/56 (Ordered by Wickets)

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WA Kennedy (WC)246139674-5413.71 00
RR Humphries (Bul)96111355-132.60 10
DP Hendry (WC)11154853-159.60 00
A Cruickshank (WC)228195753-3011.40 00
J Daily (Bul)12273744-379.25 00
GT Barrow (WC)14684132-1713.66 00
L Dove (Bul)5412011-2020.00 00
J Cate (WC)6020    
TR Taylor (Bul)18120    
W Baird (Bul)6040    
RM Sail (WC)6070    
GP Allan (Bul)24170    
DP Mumm (Bul)423190