Saracens Hertfordshire Premier Cricket League Premier Division 2016

 Points Table
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07 May 2016  Bishop's Stortford v Radlett Cricketfield Lane, Bishop's Stortford hertp87
07 May 2016  Botany Bay v Sawbridgeworth East Lodge Lane, Enfield hertp88
07 May 2016  Harpenden v Totteridge Millhillians The Common, Harpenden hertp89
07 May 2016  North Mymms v Potters Bar Home Farm, North Mymms hertp90
07 May 2016  Welwyn Garden City v Hertford Digswell Park, Welwyn Garden City hertp91
14 May 2016  Hertford v Botany Bay Balls Park, Hertford hertp92
14 May 2016  Potters Bar v Harpenden The Walk, Potters Bar hertp93
14 May 2016  Radlett v North Mymms Brunton Memorial Ground, Radlett hertp94
14 May 2016  Sawbridgeworth v Bishop's Stortford Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth hertp95
14 May 2016  Totteridge Millhillians v Welwyn Garden City Totteridge Green, Totteridge hertp96
21 May 2016  Bishop's Stortford v Botany Bay Cricketfield Lane, Bishop's Stortford hertp97
21 May 2016  Harpenden v Radlett The Common, Harpenden hertp98
21 May 2016  Hertford v Totteridge Millhillians Balls Park, Hertford hertp99
21 May 2016  North Mymms v Sawbridgeworth Home Farm, North Mymms hertp100
21 May 2016  Welwyn Garden City v Potters Bar Digswell Park, Welwyn Garden City hertp101
28 May 2016  Bishop's Stortford v Hertford Cricketfield Lane, Bishop's Stortford hertp102
28 May 2016  Botany Bay v North Mymms East Lodge Lane, Enfield hertp103
28 May 2016  Potters Bar v Totteridge Millhillians The Walk, Potters Bar hertp104
28 May 2016  Radlett v Welwyn Garden City Brunton Memorial Ground, Radlett hertp105
28 May 2016  Sawbridgeworth v Harpenden Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth hertp106
04 Jun 2016  Harpenden v Botany Bay The Common, Harpenden hertp107
04 Jun 2016  Hertford v Potters Bar Balls Park, Hertford hertp108
04 Jun 2016  North Mymms v Bishop's Stortford Home Farm, North Mymms hertp109
04 Jun 2016  #Totteridge Millhillians v Radlett Totteridge Green, Totteridge hertp110
04 Jun 2016  Welwyn Garden City v Sawbridgeworth Digswell Park, Welwyn Garden City hertp111
11 Jun 2016  Bishop's Stortford v Harpenden Cricketfield Lane, Bishop's Stortford hertp112
11 Jun 2016  Botany Bay v Welwyn Garden City East Lodge Lane, Enfield hertp113
11 Jun 2016  North Mymms v Hertford Home Farm, North Mymms hertp114
11 Jun 2016  Radlett v Potters Bar Brunton Memorial Ground, Radlett hertp115
11 Jun 2016  Sawbridgeworth v Totteridge Millhillians Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth hertp116
18 Jun 2016  Harpenden v North Mymms The Common, Harpenden hertp117
18 Jun 2016  Hertford v Radlett Balls Park, Hertford hertp118
18 Jun 2016  Potters Bar v Sawbridgeworth The Walk, Potters Bar hertp119
18 Jun 2016  Totteridge Millhillians v Botany Bay Totteridge Green, Totteridge hertp120
18 Jun 2016  Welwyn Garden City v Bishop's Stortford Digswell Park, Welwyn Garden City hertp121
25 Jun 2016  Bishop's Stortford v Totteridge Millhillians Cricketfield Lane, Bishop's Stortford hertp122
25 Jun 2016  Botany Bay v Potters Bar East Lodge Lane, Enfield hertp123
25 Jun 2016  Harpenden v Hertford The Common, Harpenden hertp124
25 Jun 2016  North Mymms v Welwyn Garden City Home Farm, North Mymms hertp125
25 Jun 2016  Sawbridgeworth v Radlett Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth hertp126
02 Jul 2016  Hertford v Sawbridgeworth Balls Park, Hertford hertp127
02 Jul 2016  Potters Bar v Bishop's Stortford The Walk, Potters Bar hertp128
02 Jul 2016  Radlett v Botany Bay Brunton Memorial Ground, Radlett hertp129
02 Jul 2016  Totteridge Millhillians v North Mymms Totteridge Green, Totteridge hertp130
02 Jul 2016  Welwyn Garden City v Harpenden Digswell Park, Welwyn Garden City hertp131
09 Jul 2016  Hertford v Welwyn Garden City Balls Park, Hertford hertp132
09 Jul 2016  Potters Bar v North Mymms The Walk, Potters Bar hertp133
09 Jul 2016  Radlett v Bishop's Stortford Brunton Memorial Ground, Radlett hertp134
09 Jul 2016  Sawbridgeworth v Botany Bay Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth hertp135
09 Jul 2016  Totteridge Millhillians v Harpenden Totteridge Green, Totteridge hertp136
16 Jul 2016  Bishop's Stortford v Sawbridgeworth Cricketfield Lane, Bishop's Stortford hertp137
16 Jul 2016  Botany Bay v Hertford East Lodge Lane, Enfield hertp138
16 Jul 2016  Harpenden v Potters Bar The Common, Harpenden hertp139
16 Jul 2016  North Mymms v Radlett Home Farm, North Mymms hertp140
16 Jul 2016  Welwyn Garden City v Totteridge Millhillians Digswell Park, Welwyn Garden City hertp141
23 Jul 2016  Botany Bay v Bishop's Stortford East Lodge Lane, Enfield hertp142
23 Jul 2016  Potters Bar v Welwyn Garden City The Walk, Potters Bar hertp143
23 Jul 2016  Radlett v Harpenden Brunton Memorial Ground, Radlett hertp144
23 Jul 2016  Sawbridgeworth v North Mymms Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth hertp145
23 Jul 2016  Totteridge Millhillians v Hertford Totteridge Green, Totteridge hertp146
30 Jul 2016  Harpenden v Sawbridgeworth The Common, Harpenden hertp147
30 Jul 2016  Hertford v Bishop's Stortford Balls Park, Hertford hertp148
30 Jul 2016  North Mymms v Botany Bay Home Farm, North Mymms hertp149
30 Jul 2016  Totteridge Millhillians v Potters Bar Totteridge Green, Totteridge hertp150
30 Jul 2016  Welwyn Garden City v Radlett Digswell Park, Welwyn Garden City hertp151
06 Aug 2016  Bishop's Stortford v North Mymms Cricketfield Lane, Bishop's Stortford hertp152
06 Aug 2016  Botany Bay v Harpenden East Lodge Lane, Enfield hertp153
06 Aug 2016  Potters Bar v Hertford The Walk, Potters Bar hertp154
06 Aug 2016  Radlett v Totteridge Millhillians Brunton Memorial Ground, Radlett hertp155
06 Aug 2016  Sawbridgeworth v Welwyn Garden City Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth hertp156
13 Aug 2016  Harpenden v Bishop's Stortford The Common, Harpenden hertp157
13 Aug 2016  Hertford v North Mymms Balls Park, Hertford hertp158
13 Aug 2016  Potters Bar v Radlett The Walk, Potters Bar hertp159
13 Aug 2016  Totteridge Millhillians v Sawbridgeworth Totteridge Green, Totteridge hertp160
13 Aug 2016  Welwyn Garden City v Botany Bay Digswell Park, Welwyn Garden City hertp161
20 Aug 2016  Bishop's Stortford v Welwyn Garden City Cricketfield Lane, Bishop's Stortford hertp162
20 Aug 2016  Botany Bay v Totteridge Millhillians East Lodge Lane, Enfield hertp163
20 Aug 2016  North Mymms v Harpenden Home Farm, North Mymms hertp164
20 Aug 2016  Radlett v Hertford Brunton Memorial Ground, Radlett hertp165
20 Aug 2016  Sawbridgeworth v Potters Bar Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth hertp166
27 Aug 2016  Hertford v Harpenden Balls Park, Hertford hertp167
27 Aug 2016  Potters Bar v Botany Bay The Walk, Potters Bar hertp168
27 Aug 2016  Radlett v Sawbridgeworth Brunton Memorial Ground, Radlett hertp169
27 Aug 2016  Totteridge Millhillians v Bishop's Stortford Totteridge Green, Totteridge hertp170
27 Aug 2016  Welwyn Garden City v North Mymms Digswell Park, Welwyn Garden City hertp171
03 Sep 2016  Bishop's Stortford v Potters Bar Cricketfield Lane, Bishop's Stortford hertp172
03 Sep 2016  Botany Bay v Radlett East Lodge Lane, Enfield hertp173
03 Sep 2016  Harpenden v Welwyn Garden City The Common, Harpenden hertp174
03 Sep 2016  North Mymms v Totteridge Millhillians Home Farm, North Mymms hertp175
03 Sep 2016  Sawbridgeworth v Hertford Town Fields, Sawbridgeworth hertp176

The scorecards marked with a # are potted scores only.