Bowling in Plunket Shield 1953/54 (Ordered by Average)

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RWG Emery (Cant)102101411-1414.00 00
HB Cave (CD)131483372246-4215.50 10
GN Gearry (Cant)46620204136-3215.69 10
BD Morrison (Well)67327273177-4216.05 21
DB Clarke (Auck)99533418245-4717.41 20
TB Burtt (Cant)130991420248-3517.50 20
NS Harford (CD)10863521-1117.50 00
EHJ Cameron (Ot)4382612373-3017.57 00
ST Jones (Ot)9033622-2018.00 00
AM Moir (Ot)130641616348-11918.11 31
C Burke (Auck)87937329176-4719.35 10
FW Stanley (Ot)3361415985-2519.87 10
FJ Cameron (Ot)105744384196-8120.21 10
JF Jones (Well)49223213104-3921.30 00
RE Brown (CD)6263918484-2923.00 00
RM Carrington (Auck)4412316574-923.57 00
JC Tynan (Well)6604821-1124.00 00
JA Hayes (Cant)71220319134-4324.53 00
EL Child (Auck)125473422175-3724.82 20
TS Hambrook (Auck)5763022993-3925.44 00
DJ Reid (Cant)5642223294-5825.77 00
DD Beard (CD)127585398153-7426.53 00
DE Brian (CD)98347321123-3226.75 00
TS Malloch (Well)4321718262-5930.33 00
RS Challies (CD)5221728293-2831.33 00
LD Smith (Ot)6233420462-2834.00 00
DD Taylor (Auck)13977021-2135.00 00
AA Hunter (CD)228138421-1442.00 00
EJD Newbigin (Well)250712833-3742.66 00
DW Stark (Cant)16828822-5944.00 00
JCA Thomson (Well)8263537774-9353.85 00
IM Sinclair (Cant)7263928352-6156.60 00
FE Fisher (Well)9845845483-6756.75 00
WR Perkins (Well)3181115811-45158.00 00
DD Coleman (Auck)18130    
EA Watson (Ot)24060    
KFH Smith (Well)6090    
JB Morris (Auck)181110    
PW O'Malley (Cant)240110    
PGZ Harris (Cant)662210    
EM Meuli (CD)905400    
ME Giles (Well)1324640