Bowling in Plunket Shield 1955/56 (Ordered by Average)

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DD Beard (CD)1302112298286-2610.64 21
GG Coull (Cant)247179374-5813.28 00
ME Chapple (Cant)72249208155-2413.86 10
JB Morris (Auck)2401411-714.00 00
WD Frame (Ot)46319235165-4914.68 21
EM Meuli (CD)3921511-515.00 00
SM Cameron (Cant)246146242-1415.50 00
RW Blair (CD)116141571347-10016.79 41
IM Sinclair (Cant)116170398225-5718.09 20
AF Lissette (Auck)79241292167-5018.25 10
BD Morrison (Well)121868422227-6819.18 11
EW Dempster (Well)88559258134-3119.84 00
MW Jack (Cant)2441110455-5720.80 10
AE Berry (Ot)228711253-4922.40 00
DV Spence (CD)339721595-3823.88 10
DR Tarrant (CD)204612053-2024.00 00
LA Clark (Well)109177318135-5224.46 10
FJ Cameron (Ot)87637344145-6624.57 10
JA Turnbull (Auck)134361526217-5425.04 20
EF Dunn (Auck)108057338137-6626.00 10
W Bell (Cant)16878031-1626.66 00
GN Gearry (Cant)100448329124-9227.41 00
H Moyle (Auck)3241214553-7829.00 00
DD Taylor (Auck)15238931-1529.66 00
WS Haig (Ot)3811415452-2530.80 00
HN Dellow (Cant)6062525383-8431.62 00
RS Challies (Well)6262528996-11232.11 10
EA Watson (Ot)4261919363-6832.16 00
GWF Overton (Ot)3121213143-4332.75 00
PJ Hall (Ot)7224311-3643.00 00
AH Preston (Well)7534627661-146.00 00
DE Brian (CD)9634711-3147.00 00
TS Hambrook (Auck)7573824152-5348.20 00
LD Smith (Ot)3721016021-1180.00 00
KFH Smith (CD)246159311-3493.00 00
JEF Beck (Well)6100    
LSM Miller (Well)6100    
RT Barber (Well)6050    
CG Graham (Ot)18060    
AJ Cook (Well)544210    
CW Barclay (CD)301210    
AG Small (CD)480240    
BA Bolton (Cant)721540