Bowling in Plunket Shield 1963/64 (Ordered by Player)

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GD Alabaster (Ot)6814122682-2228.25 00
JC Alabaster (Ot)107154393164-7124.56 00
RG Anderson (Ot)70530271123-3122.58 00
B Andrews (Cant)72741251143-3717.92 00
GA Bartlett (Cant)162104522-3922.50 00
JD Behrent (Auck)107773334123-3527.83 00
RW Blair (Well)1585108489376-4913.21 51
BA Bolton (Cant)781350    
WP Bradburn (ND)277614162-1623.50 00
LC Butler (Well)4132514752-6729.40 00
FJ Cameron (Ot)131483384216-2118.28 30
AG Cartwright (Ot)724200    
ME Chapple (CD)90370221144-7515.78 00
RO Collinge (CD)72243236104-5523.60 00
RS Cunis (Auck)112267324237-4114.08 21
GT Dowling (Cant)2040    
DL Gallop (Cant)18099132-5930.33 00
BL Hampton (CD)89061274156-718.26 10
IR Hampton (CD)661310    
PGZ Harris (Cant)198214611-546.00 00
RM Harris (Auck)180110    
IR Hartland (Cant)60100    
WJR Haskell (Well)210166021-2030.00 00
RG Hortin (Cant)300160    
HJ Howarth (Auck)55921288135-3222.15 10
BC Irving (Cant)8676821094-3223.33 00
JWF Kiddey (Cant)105290255185-814.16 10
DA Kinsella (CD)8443330395-7133.66 10
SW Kohlhase (ND)4802219054-4738.00 00
MC Langdon (ND)104753365198-2119.21 21
RI Long (Ot)210137121-3535.50 00
PB McGregor (ND)4551919093-1921.11 00
DN Matthews (ND)69825308103-4430.80 00
HA Morgan (Well)12110    
RW Morgan (Auck)2411011-1010.00 00
BD Morrison (Well)6183522584-3328.12 00
RC Motz (Cant)115563411206-8720.55 10
CR Nicholson (Ot)780600    
N Puna (ND)141671526214-6725.04 00
JR Reid (Well)124085408265-6915.69 10
TE Shaw (ND)12025722-2028.50 00
JT Sparling (Auck)77454244166-4815.25 20
PD Stone (ND)7214922-4924.50 00
B Sutcliffe (ND)2030    
RE Sutton (Auck)131972430277-6415.92 20
AR Taylor (Well)5822830672-2943.71 00
K Taylor (Auck)1147280    
PB Wight (Cant)6040    
BW Yuile (CD)125377381174-7622.41 00