Minor Counties Championship 1969

 Points Table
 Averages: [Batting] [Bowling] [Fielding]
 Averages by [Team]

18 May 1969  Northumberland v Cumberland Osborne Avenue, Jesmond minc6598
19 May 1969  Lancashire Second XI v Cheshire Old Trafford, Manchester minc6599
25 May 1969  Northumberland v Durham Osborne Avenue, Jesmond minc6600
26 May 1969  Lincolnshire v Suffolk Memorial Field, Spalding minc6601
26 May 1969  Yorkshire Second XI v Lancashire Second XI St George's Road, Harrogate minc6601a
28 May 1969  Cheshire v Lancashire Second XI Queensgate, Bramhall minc6602
01 Jun 1969  Cheshire v Staffordshire Victoria Road, Macclesfield minc6603
02 Jun 1969  Cumberland v Yorkshire Second XI The Playground, Whitehaven minc6604
04 Jun 1969  Lincolnshire v Cambridgeshire Central Park, Boston minc6605
11 Jun 1969  Cambridgeshire v Bedfordshire Harecroft Road, Wisbech minc6606
11 Jun 1969  Shropshire v Lincolnshire High Town, Bridgnorth minc6607
16 Jun 1969  Northumberland v Staffordshire Osborne Avenue, Jesmond minc6608
18 Jun 1969  Cambridgeshire v Lincolnshire The Avenue Sports Club Ground, March minc6609
18 Jun 1969  Cheshire v Yorkshire Second XI The Oval, Wallasey minc6610
18 Jun 1969  Durham v Staffordshire Blackfyne, Blackhill, Consett minc6611
18 Jun 1969  Northumberland v Lancashire Second XI Osborne Avenue, Jesmond minc6612
22 Jun 1969  Cumberland v Durham Edenside, Carlisle minc6613
25 Jun 1969  Shropshire v Cambridgeshire London Road, Shrewsbury minc6614
25 Jun 1969  Yorkshire Second XI v Lincolnshire Savile Park, Castleford minc6615
29 Jun 1969  Cumberland v Northumberland Tynefield Park, Penrith minc6616
29 Jun 1969  Hertfordshire v Bedfordshire Cricketfield Lane, Bishop's Stortford minc6617
30 Jun 1969  Lancashire Second XI v Durham Old Trafford, Manchester minc6618
30 Jun 1969  Staffordshire v Norfolk Tean Road Sports Ground, Cheadle minc6619
02 Jul 1969  Cambridgeshire v Norfolk Trinity College Old Field, Cambridge minc6620
02 Jul 1969  Lincolnshire v Shropshire Ross Sports Club Ground, Weelsby Road, Grimsby minc6621
06 Jul 1969  Staffordshire v Cheshire Newford, Norton minc6622
09 Jul 1969  Hertfordshire v Cambridgeshire Lucas Lane, Hitchin minc6623
09 Jul 1969  Lincolnshire v Norfolk Abbey Lawn, Bourne minc6624
11 Jul 1969  Cornwall v Somerset Second XI Trescobeas, Falmouth minc6625
13 Jul 1969  Cheshire v Shropshire Vicarage Road, Northwich minc6626
13 Jul 1969  Cumberland v Lancashire Second XI Ernest Valentine Ground, Workington minc6627
16 Jul 1969  Bedfordshire v Cambridgeshire Wardown Park, Luton minc6628
16 Jul 1969  Durham v Lancashire Second XI Park Drive, Hartlepool minc6629
16 Jul 1969  Hertfordshire v Norfolk Balls Park, Hertford minc6630
16 Jul 1969  Lincolnshire v Staffordshire Sports Ground, Cleethorpes minc6631
16 Jul 1969  Northumberland v Yorkshire Second XI Osborne Avenue, Jesmond minc6632
23 Jul 1969  Lincolnshire v Yorkshire Second XI Brumby Hall, Scunthorpe minc6633
23 Jul 1969  Norfolk v Cambridgeshire County Ground, Lakenham minc6634
23 Jul 1969  Oxfordshire v Buckinghamshire The Brakspear Ground, Remenham minc6635
25 Jul 1969  Cornwall v Devon St Clare Ground, Penzance minc6636
25 Jul 1969  Dorset v Somerset Second XI Sherborne School, Sherborne minc6637
26 Jul 1969  Bedfordshire v Buckinghamshire Wardown Park, Luton minc6638
27 Jul 1969  Durham v Cumberland Ashbrooke, Sunderland minc6639
27 Jul 1969  Shropshire v Cheshire St Georges Recreation Ground, Oakengates minc6640
28 Jul 1969  Hertfordshire v Buckinghamshire Ditchmore Lane, Stevenage minc6641
28 Jul 1969  Norfolk v Staffordshire County Ground, Lakenham minc6642
28 Jul 1969  Wiltshire v Berkshire The County Ground, Swindon minc6642a
28 Jul 1969  Yorkshire Second XI v Northumberland Driffield Town Cricket and Recreation Club Ground, Driffield minc6642b
30 Jul 1969  Dorset v Berkshire Hanhams, Wimborne minc6643
30 Jul 1969  Lancashire Second XI v Northumberland Old Trafford, Manchester minc6644
30 Jul 1969  Norfolk v Buckinghamshire County Ground, Lakenham minc6645
30 Jul 1969  Wiltshire v Cornwall Salisbury and South Wilts Sports Club, Salisbury minc6646
01 Aug 1969  Devon v Berkshire St Thomas Cricket Club Ground, Marsh Barton, Exeter minc6647
01 Aug 1969  Dorset v Cornwall Sherborne School, Sherborne minc6648
01 Aug 1969  Oxfordshire v Wiltshire St Edward's School Ground, Oxford minc6649
01 Aug 1969  Suffolk v Buckinghamshire Ipswich School Ground, Ipswich minc6650
04 Aug 1969  Bedfordshire v Shropshire Bedford School Ground, Bedford minc6651
04 Aug 1969  Berkshire v Dorset Home Park, Windsor minc6652
04 Aug 1969  Lancashire Second XI v Yorkshire Second XI Old Trafford, Manchester minc6653
04 Aug 1969  Norfolk v Hertfordshire County Ground, Lakenham minc6654
04 Aug 1969  Somerset Second XI v Cornwall County Ground, Taunton minc6655
04 Aug 1969  Wiltshire v Oxfordshire British Rail Ground, Swindon minc6656
06 Aug 1969  Bedfordshire v Suffolk Bedford School Ground, Bedford minc6657
06 Aug 1969  Berkshire v Buckinghamshire Boyne Grove, Maidenhead minc6658
06 Aug 1969  Cambridgeshire v Hertfordshire Wenny Road, Chatteris minc6659
06 Aug 1969  Devon v Cornwall Peverell Park, Plymouth minc6660
06 Aug 1969  Oxfordshire v Dorset St Edward's School Ground, Oxford minc6661
06 Aug 1969  Staffordshire v Lincolnshire Danescourt, Wolverhampton minc6662
08 Aug 1969  Bedfordshire v Hertfordshire Bedford School Ground, Bedford minc6663
08 Aug 1969  Berkshire v Wiltshire Reading University Ground, Reading minc6664
08 Aug 1969  Buckinghamshire v Oxfordshire London Road, High Wycombe minc6665
08 Aug 1969  Devon v Dorset The Maer Ground, Exmouth minc6666
08 Aug 1969  Norfolk v Suffolk County Ground, Lakenham minc6667
11 Aug 1969  Buckinghamshire v Berkshire Chalvey Road, Slough minc6668
11 Aug 1969  Cheshire v Northumberland Townfield Lane, Oxton minc6669
11 Aug 1969  Cornwall v Dorset Egloshayle Road, Wadebridge minc6670
11 Aug 1969  Hertfordshire v Suffolk London Road, Tring minc6671
11 Aug 1969  Norfolk v Lincolnshire County Ground, Lakenham minc6672
11 Aug 1969  Oxfordshire v Devon Pressed Steel Fisher Sports Ground, Cowley minc6673
11 Aug 1969  Staffordshire v Durham Lichfield Road, Stone minc6674
11 Aug 1969  Yorkshire Second XI v Cumberland Magnet Sports and Social Club Ground, Queens Gardens Playing Fields, Tadcaster minc6675
13 Aug 1969  Berkshire v Devon Church Road, Reading minc6676
13 Aug 1969  Buckinghamshire v Suffolk Ernest Turner's Sports Ground, High Wycombe minc6677
13 Aug 1969  Cambridgeshire v Shropshire FP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge minc6678
13 Aug 1969  Staffordshire v Northumberland Trentham Road, Stoke-on-Trent minc6679
15 Aug 1969  Berkshire v Oxfordshire Reading University Ground, Reading minc6680
15 Aug 1969  Dorset v Devon The Recreation Ground, Dorchester minc6681
16 Aug 1969  Buckinghamshire v Hertfordshire The Meadow, Chesham minc6682
16 Aug 1969  Somerset Second XI v Wiltshire County Ground, Taunton minc6683
17 Aug 1969  Shropshire v Bedfordshire Orleton Park, Wellington minc6684
18 Aug 1969  Wiltshire v Dorset County Ground, Trowbridge minc6685
20 Aug 1969  Dorset v Oxfordshire Recreation Ground, Blandford minc6686
20 Aug 1969  Durham v Yorkshire Second XI Grangefield Road, Stockton-on-Tees minc6687
20 Aug 1969  Suffolk v Norfolk Denes Oval, Lowestoft minc6688
20 Aug 1969  Wiltshire v Somerset Second XI Hardenhuish Park, Chippenham minc6689
22 Aug 1969  Devon v Oxfordshire Blundell's School, Tiverton minc6690
22 Aug 1969  Dorset v Wiltshire Day's Park, Swanage minc6691
22 Aug 1969  Suffolk v Hertfordshire Town Ground, Felixstowe minc6692
24 Aug 1969  Suffolk v Bedfordshire Town Ground, Felixstowe minc6693
25 Aug 1969  Lancashire Second XI v Cumberland Old Trafford, Manchester minc6694
25 Aug 1969  Oxfordshire v Berkshire Witney Mills Ground, Witney minc6695
25 Aug 1969  Somerset Second XI v Dorset Johnson Park, Yeovil minc6696
25 Aug 1969  Yorkshire Second XI v Cheshire North Marine Road, Scarborough minc6697
27 Aug 1969  Cornwall v Wiltshire Roskear, Camborne minc6698
27 Aug 1969  Northumberland v Cheshire Osborne Avenue, Jesmond minc6699
27 Aug 1969  Yorkshire Second XI v Durham Duke's Park, Bridlington minc6700
29 Aug 1969  Somerset Second XI v Devon County Ground, Taunton minc6701
30 Aug 1969  Buckinghamshire v Bedfordshire Ascott Park, Wing minc6702
31 Aug 1969  Devon v Somerset Second XI Sandhills, Instow minc6703
31 Aug 1969  Durham v Northumberland Ropery Lane, Chester-le-Street minc6704
01 Sep 1969  Buckinghamshire v Norfolk Wilton Park, Beaconsfield minc6705
01 Sep 1969  Suffolk v Lincolnshire The Victory Ground, Bury St Edmunds minc6706