Minor Counties Championship 1971

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19 May 1971  Cheshire v Yorkshire Second XI Queensgate, Bramhall minc6818
24 May 1971  Lancashire Second XI v Cheshire Old Trafford, Manchester minc6819
29 May 1971  Berkshire v Buckinghamshire Reading School Ground, Erleigh Road, Reading minc6820
30 May 1971  Lincolnshire v Suffolk Memorial Field, Spalding minc6821
30 May 1971  Northumberland v Durham Osborne Avenue, Jesmond minc6822
30 May 1971  Yorkshire Second XI v Lancashire Second XI Clifton Park, York minc6823
02 Jun 1971  Shropshire v Cambridgeshire The Avenue, Uppington minc6824
06 Jun 1971  Cheshire v Staffordshire Victoria Road, Macclesfield minc6825
09 Jun 1971  Cambridgeshire v Bedfordshire Wenny Road, Chatteris minc6826
09 Jun 1971  Cumberland v Yorkshire Second XI St George's Road, Millom minc6827
09 Jun 1971  Shropshire v Somerset Second XI Shrewsbury School, Shrewsbury minc6828
14 Jun 1971  Cheshire v Lancashire Second XI Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester minc6829
16 Jun 1971  Yorkshire Second XI v Lincolnshire Magnet Sports and Social Club Ground, Queens Gardens Playing Fields, Tadcaster minc6830
20 Jun 1971  Cumberland v Lancashire Second XI Shap Road, Kendal minc6831
21 Jun 1971  Northumberland v Staffordshire Osborne Avenue, Jesmond minc6832
23 Jun 1971  Cambridgeshire v Lincolnshire The Avenue Sports Club Ground, March minc6833
23 Jun 1971  Durham v Staffordshire Park Drive, Hartlepool minc6834
23 Jun 1971  Northumberland v Yorkshire Second XI Osborne Avenue, Jesmond minc6835
27 Jun 1971  Hertfordshire v Bedfordshire Cricketfield Lane, Bishop's Stortford minc6836
28 Jun 1971  Staffordshire v Norfolk Danescourt, Wolverhampton minc6837
30 Jun 1971  Cambridgeshire v Norfolk Harecroft Road, Wisbech minc6838
30 Jun 1971  Somerset Second XI v Shropshire County Ground, Taunton minc6839
30 Jun 1971  Yorkshire Second XI v Northumberland Hullen Edge Ground, Elland minc6840
03 Jul 1971  Buckinghamshire v Suffolk Bourton Road, Buckingham minc6841
04 Jul 1971  Durham v Cheshire Wood Terrace, South Shields minc6842
04 Jul 1971  Lincolnshire v Norfolk Sports Ground, Cleethorpes minc6843
04 Jul 1971  Northumberland v Cumberland Osborne Avenue, Jesmond minc6844
07 Jul 1971  Hertfordshire v Cambridgeshire Lucas Lane, Hitchin minc6845
07 Jul 1971  Lancashire Second XI v Northumberland Old Trafford, Manchester minc6846
09 Jul 1971  Cornwall v Somerset Second XI Egloshayle Road, Wadebridge minc6847
11 Jul 1971  Cheshire v Shropshire The Oval, Wallasey minc6848
11 Jul 1971  Cumberland v Durham Tynefield Park, Penrith minc6849
14 Jul 1971  Hertfordshire v Norfolk Balls Park, Hertford minc6850
14 Jul 1971  Staffordshire v Lincolnshire Trentham Road, Stoke-on-Trent minc6851
17 Jul 1971  Bedfordshire v Hertfordshire Bedford School Ground, Bedford minc6852
18 Jul 1971  Cheshire v Durham Vicarage Road, Northwich minc6853
18 Jul 1971  Cumberland v Northumberland Ernest Valentine Ground, Workington minc6854
19 Jul 1971  Bedfordshire v Shropshire Bedford School Ground, Bedford minc6855
19 Jul 1971  Cornwall v Berkshire Beacon Park, Helston minc6856
19 Jul 1971  Lancashire Second XI v Yorkshire Second XI Old Trafford, Manchester minc6857
21 Jul 1971  Bedfordshire v Suffolk Bedford School Ground, Bedford minc6858
21 Jul 1971  Devon v Berkshire The Fortfield, Sidmouth minc6859
21 Jul 1971  Lincolnshire v Cambridgeshire Brumby Hall, Scunthorpe minc6860
22 Jul 1971  Norfolk v Buckinghamshire County Ground, Lakenham minc6861
23 Jul 1971  Dorset v Berkshire Sherborne School, Sherborne minc6862
24 Jul 1971  Bedfordshire v Buckinghamshire Wardown Park, Luton minc6863
24 Jul 1971  Norfolk v Cambridgeshire County Ground, Lakenham minc6864
25 Jul 1971  Devon v Somerset Second XI The Recreation Ground, Torquay minc6865
25 Jul 1971  Shropshire v Cheshire Morda Road, Oswestry minc6866
26 Jul 1971  Berkshire v Dorset Boyne Grove, Maidenhead minc6867
26 Jul 1971  Hertfordshire v Buckinghamshire Ditchmore Lane, Stevenage minc6868
26 Jul 1971  Norfolk v Staffordshire County Ground, Lakenham minc6869
26 Jul 1971  Wiltshire v Oxfordshire The County Ground, Swindon minc6870
28 Jul 1971  Bedfordshire v Cambridgeshire Wardown Park, Luton minc6871
28 Jul 1971  Lincolnshire v Yorkshire Second XI Lindum Sports Club Ground, Lincoln minc6872
28 Jul 1971  Northumberland v Lancashire Second XI Osborne Avenue, Jesmond minc6873
28 Jul 1971  Oxfordshire v Dorset Morris Motors Sports Ground, Cowley minc6874
28 Jul 1971  Somerset Second XI v Wiltshire Recreation Ground, Bath minc6875
28 Jul 1971  Suffolk v Buckinghamshire Ipswich School Ground, Ipswich minc6876
30 Jul 1971  Devon v Cornwall St Thomas Cricket Club Ground, Marsh Barton, Exeter minc6877
01 Aug 1971  Durham v Cumberland Blackfyne, Blackhill, Consett minc6878
01 Aug 1971  Staffordshire v Cheshire Tean Road Sports Ground, Cheadle minc6879
02 Aug 1971  Berkshire v Cornwall Church Road, Reading minc6880
02 Aug 1971  Dorset v Wiltshire Recreation Ground, Blandford minc6881
02 Aug 1971  Norfolk v Hertfordshire County Ground, Lakenham minc6882
04 Aug 1971  Berkshire v Oxfordshire Reading University Ground, Reading minc6883
04 Aug 1971  Norfolk v Lincolnshire County Ground, Lakenham minc6884
04 Aug 1971  Somerset Second XI v Devon County Ground, Taunton minc6885
04 Aug 1971  Suffolk v Hertfordshire Town Ground, Felixstowe minc6886
04 Aug 1971  Wiltshire v Cornwall Salisbury and South Wilts Sports Club, Salisbury minc6887
06 Aug 1971  Buckinghamshire v Oxfordshire London Road, High Wycombe minc6888
06 Aug 1971  Cambridgeshire v Hertfordshire FP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge minc6889
06 Aug 1971  Somerset Second XI v Cornwall Victoria Sports and Social Club Ground, Street minc6890
07 Aug 1971  Norfolk v Suffolk County Ground, Lakenham minc6891
09 Aug 1971  Berkshire v Wiltshire Home Park, Windsor minc6892
09 Aug 1971  Cheshire v Northumberland Townfield Lane, Oxton minc6893
09 Aug 1971  Dorset v Cornwall The Recreation Ground, Dorchester minc6894
09 Aug 1971  Hertfordshire v Suffolk London Road, Tring minc6895
09 Aug 1971  Oxfordshire v Devon St Edward's School Ground, Oxford minc6896
09 Aug 1971  Staffordshire v Durham Clayton Lane, Newcastle-under-Lyme minc6897
09 Aug 1971  Yorkshire Second XI v Cumberland St George's Road, Harrogate minc6898
11 Aug 1971  Berkshire v Devon Bray Ground, Bray minc6899
11 Aug 1971  Cambridgeshire v Shropshire FP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge minc6900
11 Aug 1971  Wiltshire v Dorset London Road, Devizes minc6901
12 Aug 1971  Staffordshire v Northumberland Lichfield Road, Stone minc6902
13 Aug 1971  Dorset v Devon Cockram's Ground, Shaftesbury minc6903
13 Aug 1971  Oxfordshire v Berkshire St Edward's School Ground, Oxford minc6904
14 Aug 1971  Buckinghamshire v Hertfordshire The Meadow, Chesham minc6905
15 Aug 1971  Shropshire v Bedfordshire Orleton Park, Wellington minc6906
16 Aug 1971  Cornwall v Dorset New Road, Callington minc6907
16 Aug 1971  Oxfordshire v Buckinghamshire Grange Road, Banbury minc6908
16 Aug 1971  Wiltshire v Somerset Second XI County Ground, Trowbridge minc6909
18 Aug 1971  Devon v Dorset Queens Park, Paignton minc6910
18 Aug 1971  Lincolnshire v Staffordshire London Road, Sleaford minc6911
18 Aug 1971  Suffolk v Norfolk Denes Oval, Lowestoft minc6912
18 Aug 1971  Wiltshire v Berkshire Hardenhuish Park, Chippenham minc6913
20 Aug 1971  Devon v Oxfordshire The County Cricket Ground, Exeter minc6914
21 Aug 1971  Buckinghamshire v Berkshire Ascott Park, Wing minc6915
22 Aug 1971  Suffolk v Bedfordshire Town Ground, Felixstowe minc6916
23 Aug 1971  Dorset v Oxfordshire Poole Park, Poole minc6917
23 Aug 1971  Lancashire Second XI v Cumberland Old Trafford, Manchester minc6918
23 Aug 1971  Northumberland v Cheshire Osborne Avenue, Jesmond minc6919
25 Aug 1971  Cornwall v Devon Boscawen Park, Truro minc6920
25 Aug 1971  Oxfordshire v Wiltshire Witney Mills Ground, Witney minc6921
25 Aug 1971  Yorkshire Second XI v Cheshire Savile Park, Castleford minc6922
28 Aug 1971  Buckinghamshire v Bedfordshire Shardeloes, Amersham minc6923
29 Aug 1971  Durham v Northumberland Ropery Lane, Chester-le-Street minc6924
29 Aug 1971  Suffolk v Lincolnshire The Victory Ground, Bury St Edmunds minc6925
30 Aug 1971  Buckinghamshire v Norfolk Wilton Park, Beaconsfield minc6926
30 Aug 1971  Cornwall v Wiltshire St Clare Ground, Penzance minc6927
15 Sep 1971 Challenge MatchYorkshire Second XI v Somerset Second XI St George's Road, Harrogate minc6928