Minor Counties Championship 1980

 Points Table
 Averages: [Batting] [Bowling] [Fielding]
 Averages by [Team]

18 May 1980  Cheshire v Durham Boughton Hall Avenue, Chester minc7774
25 May 1980  Lincolnshire v Norfolk London Road, Sleaford minc7775
25 May 1980  Northumberland v Durham Osborne Avenue, Jesmond minc7776
28 May 1980  Cambridgeshire v Bedfordshire Harecroft Road, Wisbech minc7777
29 May 1980  Lancashire Second XI v Cumberland The Oval, St Helens minc7778
01 Jun 1980  Northumberland v Lincolnshire Osborne Avenue, Jesmond minc7779
02 Jun 1980  Cheshire v Lancashire Second XI Parkgate, Neston minc7780
04 Jun 1980  Staffordshire v Shropshire Bass Worthington Ground, Burton-on-Trent minc7781
09 Jun 1980  Northumberland v Lancashire Second XI Osborne Avenue, Jesmond minc7782
10 Jun 1980  Hertfordshire v Norfolk Woodside, Watford minc7783
11 Jun 1980  Cambridgeshire v Lincolnshire The Avenue Sports Club Ground, March minc7784
15 Jun 1980  Cumberland v Lancashire Second XI St George's Road, Millom minc7785
15 Jun 1980  Staffordshire v Cheshire Tunstall Road, Knypersley minc7786
16 Jun 1980  Durham v Shropshire Grangefield Road, Stockton-on-Tees minc7787
18 Jun 1980  Cambridgeshire v Norfolk Papworth Cricket Club Ground, Papworth Everard minc7788
18 Jun 1980  Lincolnshire v Northumberland Abbey Lawn, Bourne minc7789
22 Jun 1980  Durham v Cumberland Ropery Lane, Chester-le-Street minc7790
23 Jun 1980  Shropshire v Staffordshire Orleton Park, Wellington minc7791
25 Jun 1980  Hertfordshire v Cambridgeshire Ditchmore Lane, Stevenage minc7792
28 Jun 1980  Oxfordshire v Buckinghamshire Christ Church Ground, Oxford minc7793
29 Jun 1980  Lincolnshire v Cambridgeshire Ross Sports Club Ground, Weelsby Road, Grimsby minc7794
29 Jun 1980  Northumberland v Cumberland Osborne Avenue, Jesmond minc7795
02 Jul 1980  Lancashire Second XI v Cheshire Alexandra Meadows, Blackburn minc7796
02 Jul 1980  Staffordshire v Lincolnshire Lichfield Road, Stone minc7797
05 Jul 1980  Hertfordshire v Bedfordshire Clarence Park, St Albans minc7798
06 Jul 1980  Buckinghamshire v Berkshire Bourton Road, Buckingham minc7799
06 Jul 1980  Shropshire v Cheshire Audley Avenue, Newport minc7800
12 Jul 1980  Bedfordshire v Hertfordshire The Pyghties, Henlow minc7801
12 Jul 1980  Berkshire v Buckinghamshire Ibis Cricket Club Ground, Reading minc7802
13 Jul 1980  Cheshire v Staffordshire Victoria Road, Macclesfield minc7803
13 Jul 1980  Cornwall v Somerset Second XI Treslothan Road, Troon minc7804
13 Jul 1980  Cumberland v Northumberland Tynefield Park, Penrith minc7805
13 Jul 1980  Shropshire v Lancashire Second XI St Georges Recreation Ground, Telford minc7806
19 Jul 1980  Bedfordshire v Buckinghamshire Bedford School Ground, Bedford minc7807
20 Jul 1980  Cornwall v Wiltshire Boscawen Park, Truro minc7808
21 Jul 1980  Cambridgeshire v Suffolk FP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge minc7809
21 Jul 1980  Lancashire Second XI v Northumberland Lune Road, Lancaster minc7810
21 Jul 1980  Shropshire v Durham London Road, Shrewsbury minc7811
22 Jul 1980  Dorset v Berkshire Recreation Ground, Blandford minc7812
23 Jul 1980  Staffordshire v Durham Deansfield, Brewood minc7813
24 Jul 1980  Devon v Berkshire The Fortfield, Sidmouth minc7814
26 Jul 1980  Bedfordshire v Cambridgeshire Goldington Bury, Bedford minc7815
26 Jul 1980  Oxfordshire v Wiltshire St Edward's School Ground, Oxford minc7816
27 Jul 1980  Cheshire v Shropshire Vicarage Road, Northwich minc7817
27 Jul 1980  Cornwall v Dorset Beacon Park, Helston minc7818
27 Jul 1980  Durham v Northumberland Green Lane, Durham minc7819
27 Jul 1980  Hertfordshire v Buckinghamshire Balls Park, Hertford minc7820
27 Jul 1980  Lincolnshire v Cumberland Lindum Sports Club Ground, Lincoln minc7821
28 Jul 1980  Norfolk v Cambridgeshire County Ground, Lakenham minc7822
29 Jul 1980  Devon v Dorset The Recreation Ground, Torquay minc7823
29 Jul 1980  Oxfordshire v Berkshire Morris Motors Sports Ground, Cowley minc7824
30 Jul 1980  Norfolk v Buckinghamshire County Ground, Lakenham minc7825
31 Jul 1980  Wiltshire v Berkshire London Road, Devizes minc7826
01 Aug 1980  Suffolk v Buckinghamshire Guardian Royal Exchange Ground, Ipswich minc7827
02 Aug 1980  Oxfordshire v Dorset Abingdon War Memorial Field, Abingdon minc7828
03 Aug 1980  Shropshire v Bedfordshire Morda Road, Oswestry minc7829
04 Aug 1980  Berkshire v Dorset Church Road, Reading minc7830
04 Aug 1980  Norfolk v Lincolnshire County Ground, Lakenham minc7831
04 Aug 1980  Somerset Second XI v Devon County Ground, Taunton minc7832
04 Aug 1980  Staffordshire v Northumberland Sandwell Park, West Bromwich minc7833
04 Aug 1980  Suffolk v Hertfordshire Ransomes and Reavell Sports and Social Club Ground, Ipswich minc7834
04 Aug 1980  Wiltshire v Cornwall Salisbury and South Wilts Sports Club, Salisbury minc7835
06 Aug 1980  Cheshire v Northumberland South Downs Road, Bowdon minc7835a
06 Aug 1980  Norfolk v Hertfordshire County Ground, Lakenham minc7836
06 Aug 1980  Somerset Second XI v Cornwall County Ground, Taunton minc7837
06 Aug 1980  Wiltshire v Oxfordshire Marlborough College Ground, Marlborough minc7838
08 Aug 1980  Berkshire v Wiltshire Courage's Cricket Ground, Reading minc7839
08 Aug 1980  Buckinghamshire v Oxfordshire Pound Lane, Marlow minc7840
08 Aug 1980  Cambridgeshire v Hertfordshire FP Fenner's Ground, Cambridge minc7841
08 Aug 1980  Dorset v Cornwall Canford School Ground, Wimborne minc7842
08 Aug 1980  Norfolk v Suffolk County Ground, Lakenham minc7843
10 Aug 1980  Buckinghamshire v Suffolk The Meadow, Chesham minc7844
10 Aug 1980  Cumberland v Lincolnshire Shap Road, Kendal minc7845
10 Aug 1980  Durham v Cheshire Park Drive, Hartlepool minc7846
11 Aug 1980  Berkshire v Devon Bray Ground, Bray minc7847
11 Aug 1980  Dorset v Somerset Second XI Redlands Sports Ground, Weymouth minc7848
12 Aug 1980  Bedfordshire v Suffolk Bull Pond Lane, Dunstable minc7849
12 Aug 1980  Northumberland v Cheshire Osborne Avenue, Jesmond minc7850
13 Aug 1980  Oxfordshire v Devon Banbury Twenty Cricket Club Ground, Banbury minc7851
15 Aug 1980  Berkshire v Oxfordshire Reading University Ground, Reading minc7852
15 Aug 1980  Dorset v Devon Canford School Ground, Wimborne minc7853
17 Aug 1980  Buckinghamshire v Bedfordshire Chalvey Road, Slough minc7854
17 Aug 1980  Cumberland v Durham The Playground, Whitehaven minc7855
17 Aug 1980  Hertfordshire v Suffolk Durrants Sports Ground, Croxley Green minc7856
18 Aug 1980  Cornwall v Devon St Clare Ground, Penzance minc7857
18 Aug 1980  Dorset v Oxfordshire Redlands Sports Ground, Weymouth minc7858
18 Aug 1980  Northumberland v Staffordshire Osborne Avenue, Jesmond minc7859
18 Aug 1980  Wiltshire v Somerset Second XI County Ground, Trowbridge minc7860
19 Aug 1980  Bedfordshire v Shropshire Wardown Park, Luton minc7861
19 Aug 1980  Suffolk v Norfolk Wamil Way, Mildenhall minc7862
20 Aug 1980  Devon v Oxfordshire The Maer Ground, Exmouth minc7863
20 Aug 1980  Durham v Staffordshire Wood Terrace, South Shields minc7864
20 Aug 1980  Somerset Second XI v Dorset County Ground, Taunton minc7865
21 Aug 1980  Suffolk v Cambridgeshire The Victory Ground, Bury St Edmunds minc7866
24 Aug 1980  Buckinghamshire v Norfolk Shardeloes, Amersham minc7867
24 Aug 1980  Suffolk v Bedfordshire Ransomes and Reavell Sports and Social Club Ground, Ipswich minc7868
26 Aug 1980  Devon v Cornwall The Recreation Ground, Bovey Tracey minc7869
26 Aug 1980  Somerset Second XI v Wiltshire Westland Sports Ground, Weston-super-Mare minc7870
28 Aug 1980  Devon v Somerset Second XI The County Cricket Ground, Exeter minc7871
31 Aug 1980  Buckinghamshire v Hertfordshire London Road, High Wycombe minc7872
31 Aug 1980  Lincolnshire v Staffordshire Brumby Hall, Scunthorpe minc7873
01 Sep 1980  Lancashire Second XI v Shropshire Old Trafford, Manchester minc7874
13 Sep 1980 Challenge MatchDurham v Hertfordshire Green Lane, Durham minc7875