Whitney Moore League Section A 2007

 Points Table
 Averages: [Batting] [Bowling] [Fielding]
 Averages by [Team]

27 May 2007  Merrion v YMCA Anglesea Road, Dublin misc27602
27 May 2007  North County v The Hills The Inch, Dublin misc27601
03 Jun 2007  Merrion v Rush Anglesea Road, Dublin misc27603a
03 Jun 2007  Railway Union v North County Park Avenue, Dublin misc27605a
03 Jun 2007  The Hills v Clontarf The Vineyard, Dublin misc27604a
23 Jun 2007  Rush v YMCA Kenure, Rush, Dublin misc27606
24 Jun 2007  Merrion v North County Anglesea Road, Dublin misc27608a
24 Jun 2007  Rush v The Hills Kenure, Rush, Dublin misc27609a
24 Jun 2007  YMCA v Railway Union Claremont Road, Dublin misc27607a
06 Jul 2007  Railway Union v Merrion Park Avenue, Dublin misc27610a
08 Jul 2007  YMCA v The Hills Claremont Road, Dublin misc27611
15 Jul 2007  Railway Union v Rush Park Avenue, Dublin misc27612
21 Jul 2007  Clontarf v Rush Castle Avenue, Dublin misc27613
29 Jul 2007  Clontarf v Merrion Castle Avenue, Dublin misc27615
29 Jul 2007  North County v YMCA The Inch, Dublin misc27614
29 Jul 2007  Railway Union v The Hills Park Avenue, Dublin misc27616a
04 Aug 2007  YMCA v Clontarf Claremont Road, Dublin misc27617
06 Aug 2007  North County v Merrion The Inch, Dublin misc27618
06 Aug 2007  Railway Union v Clontarf Park Avenue, Dublin misc27620a
06 Aug 2007  YMCA v Rush Claremont Road, Dublin misc27619
11 Aug 2007  Clontarf v The Hills Castle Avenue, Dublin misc27621
11 Aug 2007  North County v Railway Union The Inch, Dublin misc27622a
11 Aug 2007  Rush v Merrion Kenure, Rush, Dublin misc27623a
19 Aug 2007  Railway Union v YMCA Park Avenue, Dublin misc27625a
19 Aug 2007  The Hills v Rush The Vineyard, Dublin misc27624
21 Aug 2007  Rush v North County Kenure, Rush, Dublin misc27626a
25 Aug 2007  North County v The Hills The Inch, Dublin misc27627
25 Aug 2007  Rush v Railway Union Kenure, Rush, Dublin misc27628
25 Aug 2007  YMCA v Merrion Claremont Road, Dublin misc27629
02 Sep 2007  Merrion v Railway Union Anglesea Road, Dublin misc27632
02 Sep 2007  Rush v Clontarf Kenure, Rush, Dublin misc27631
02 Sep 2007  The Hills v YMCA The Vineyard, Dublin misc27630
05 Sep 2007  North County v Clontarf The Inch, Dublin misc27633
08 Sep 2007  Clontarf v YMCA Castle Avenue, Dublin misc27634
08 Sep 2007  North County v Rush The Inch, Dublin misc27635
08 Sep 2007  The Hills v Merrion The Vineyard, Dublin misc27636
09 Sep 2007  Clontarf v Railway Union Castle Avenue, Dublin misc27637
09 Sep 2007  YMCA v North County Claremont Road, Dublin misc27638
14 Sep 2007  Merrion v The Hills Anglesea Road, Dublin misc27639
15 Sep 2007  Clontarf v North County Castle Avenue, Dublin misc27640
16 Sep 2007  Merrion v Clontarf Anglesea Road, Dublin misc27641
16 Sep 2007  The Hills v Railway Union The Vineyard, Dublin misc27642