Bowling in Northern United Building Society Under-19 Tournament 1981/82 (Ordered by Average)

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RM Hartshorn (Cant)11457774-3711.00 00
MJ Stabler (ND)001111-1111.00 00
I Irvine (Auck)2678124116-3111.27 10
KR Rutherford (Ot)33719164136-3912.61 10
SJ Richards (Ot)210712194-4013.44 00
TW Newton (Well)13868164-2613.50 00
MG Malthus (CD)1926137104-1813.70 00
SR Tracy (Auck)28615142105-2214.20 10
NE Parata (Well)35414231147-7016.50 20
NG D'Arcy (Ot)287916094-6717.77 00
CJ Smith (ND)2341013375-5519.00 10
CWH Lawrence (Cant)45223192105-5619.20 10
KD Fahy (ND)35811219115-9519.90 10
LJ Doull (ND)46315260137-6820.00 10
NE Barnett (Well)4814122-520.50 00
ID Foster (ND)002111-2121.00 00
PG Conway (Ot)4204421-2022.00 00
MJ Aitken (CD)33011222103-4322.20 00
NA Lloyd (ND)2101412053-3024.00 00
TD Ritchie (Well)126610943-4427.25 00
GR Logan (CD)2581116552-2933.00 00
T Heremia (CD)126810032-4233.33 00
MR Pringle (Auck)5417021-2335.00 00
SJ Millichip (Cant)282617853-6435.60 00
RJV Hamilton (Cant)2701517953-5635.80 00
ID Coles (CD)3603611-3636.00 00
MG Payne (Ot)2341015142-2537.75 00
DB Gilbert (Auck)15058921-3144.50 00
SW Brown (CD)2761114332-3747.66 00
BF Bowden (Auck)174410321-2651.50 00
MJ Sullivan (Well)2101011522-3857.50 00
AJ Kench (Cant)11446311-1563.00 00
MR Plummer (Auck)7837111-2971.00 00
WD Sheehy (Ot)15059111-791.00 00
KBK Ibadulla (Ot)138210311-44103.00 00
HSSC Ramsden (CD)156310911-37109.00 00
BP Hunt (Well)200512411-34124.00 00
BD Elton (ND)204215611-32156.00 00
BA Young (ND)0010    
MJ Greatbatch (Auck)6060    
MG Managh (ND)0080    
JE Harding (Auck)60200    
DC Webber (CD)301250    
WD Gatland (ND)60340    
BA Lahood (ND)300440    
PS Hodder (ND)301450    
GJ Stirton (Well)722500    
BJ Hadley (Auck)600610    
WJ Mawhinney (Ot)13831010