Conqueror Senior Cup 2005

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21 May 2005 First RoundLeinster v Old Belvedere Observatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublin misc43364
21 May 2005 First RoundNorth County v Dublin University The Inch, Dublin misc43365a
21 May 2005 First RoundPembroke v CYM Sydney Parade, Dublin misc43366
21 May 2005 First RoundRailway Union v Clontarf Park Avenue, Dublin misc43367
21 May 2005 First RoundRush v Phoenix Kenure, Rush, Dublin misc43368
21 May 2005 First RoundThe Hills v YMCA The Vineyard, Dublin misc43369
06 Jun 2005 Second RoundLeinster v Merrion Observatory Lane, Rathmines, Dublin misc43370
06 Jun 2005 Second RoundMalahide v Clontarf The Village, Malahide, Dublin misc43371
06 Jun 2005 Second RoundRush v Pembroke Kenure, Rush, Dublin misc43372
06 Jun 2005 Second RoundThe Hills v North County The Vineyard, Dublin misc43373
19 Jun 2005 Semi-FinalClontarf v Pembroke Castle Avenue, Dublin misc43374
19 Jun 2005 Semi-FinalThe Hills v Leinster The Vineyard, Dublin misc43375
30 Jul 2005 FinalClontarf v The Hills The Inch, Dublin misc43376