Birmingham and District Premier League Division One 2003 Table

1Kenilworth Wardens11000000000020
2Sutton Coldfield1001000001102
Points Awarded and Column Key:
Won (W): 20
Tied (T): 6
Lost (L): 0
Winning draw (DW): 6
Tied draw (DT): 4
Losing draw (DL): 2
No Decision on 1st innings (ND): 4
Abandoned without a ball bowled (A): 4
Batting Bonus Points (BatBP)
Bowling Bonus Points (BowBP)
Adjustments (carried forward/fines/penalty points) (Adj)
Total points (Pts)
Order in the table:
Position of teams in the table is determined by:
Total points
Head-to-head result (if more than two teams level head-to-head only applies if all those teams have played the same number of matches against each other)