Minor Counties Championship Matches played on The Vale, Westoning (9)

(count excludes the abandoned match in which no play was possible)
4th June 2000 Minor Counties Championship 2000 Eastern DivisionBedfordshire v Northumberlandminc9615
15th July 2001 Minor Counties Championship 2001 Eastern DivisionBedfordshire v Staffordshireminc9718
14th August 2016 Unicorns Championship 2016 Eastern DivisionBedfordshire v Hertfordshireminc10642
13th August 2017 Unicorns Championship 2017 Eastern DivisionBedfordshire v Suffolkminc10703
5th August 2018 Unicorns Championship 2018 Eastern DivisionBedfordshire v Cumberlandminc10743
4th August 2019 Unicorns Championship 2019 Eastern DivisionBedfordshire v Buckinghamshireminc10804
2nd August 2020 National Counties Championship 2020 Eastern Division TwoBedfordshire v Cumberlandminc10835q
1st August 2021 National Counties Championship 2021 Eastern Division TwoBedfordshire v Cumbriaminc10852
21st August 2022 National Counties Championship 2022 Eastern Division OneBedfordshire v Suffolkminc10907
20th August 2023 National Counties Championship 2023 Eastern Division TwoBedfordshire v Hertfordshireminc10947