Test Matches played on Kennington Oval, Kennington (105)

(the count includes only those matches which have been completed)
6th September 1880 Australia in British Isles 1880 Only TestEngland v Australiat4
28th August 1882 Australia in British Isles 1882 Only TestEngland v Australiat9
11th August 1884 Australia in England 1884 3rd TestEngland v Australiat16
12th August 1886 Australia in England 1886 3rd TestEngland v Australiat24
13th August 1888 Australia in England 1888 2nd TestEngland v Australiat29
11th August 1890 Australia in England 1890 2nd TestEngland v Australiat34
14th August 1893 Australia in England 1893 2nd TestEngland v Australiat40
10th August 1896 Australia in England 1896 3rd TestEngland v Australiat52
14th August 1899 Australia in England 1899 5th TestEngland v Australiat64
11th August 1902 Australia in British Isles 1902 5th TestEngland v Australiat74
14th August 1905 Australia in British Isles 1905 5th TestEngland v Australiat87
19th August 1907 South Africa in British Isles 1907 3rd TestEngland v South Africat95
9th August 1909 Australia in British Isles 1909 5th TestEngland v Australiat105
12th August 1912 Triangular Tournament 1912 8th MatchEngland v South Africat128
19th August 1912 Triangular Tournament 1912 9th MatchEngland v Australiat129
13th August 1921 Australia in British Isles 1921 5th TestEngland v Australiat144
16th August 1924 South Africa in British Isles 1924 5th TestEngland v South Africat157
14th August 1926 Australia in British Isles 1926 5th TestEngland v Australiat167
11th August 1928 West Indies in British Isles 1928 3rd TestEngland v West Indiest175
17th August 1929 South Africa in British Isles 1929 5th TestEngland v South Africat185
16th August 1930 Australia in British Isles 1930 5th TestEngland v Australiat198
29th July 1931 New Zealand in British Isles 1931 2nd TestEngland v New Zealandt210
12th August 1933 West Indies in England 1933 3rd TestEngland v West Indiest229
18th August 1934 Australia in British Isles 1934 5th TestEngland v Australiat237
17th August 1935 South Africa in British Isles 1935 5th TestEngland v South Africat246
15th August 1936 India in British Isles 1936 3rd TestEngland v Indiat254
14th August 1937 New Zealand in British Isles 1937 3rd TestEngland v New Zealandt262
20th August 1938 Australia in British Isles 1938 5th TestEngland v Australiat266
19th August 1939 West Indies in England 1939 3rd TestEngland v West Indiest274
17th August 1946 India in British Isles 1946 3rd TestEngland v Indiat278
16th August 1947 South Africa in British Isles 1947 5th TestEngland v South Africat289
14th August 1948 Australia in British Isles 1948 5th TestEngland v Australiat303
13th August 1949 New Zealand in British Isles 1949 4th TestEngland v New Zealandt317
12th August 1950 West Indies in England 1950 4th TestEngland v West Indiest326
16th August 1951 South Africa in British Isles 1951 5th TestEngland v South Africat338
14th August 1952 India in British Isles 1952 4th TestEngland v Indiat354
15th August 1953 Australia in British Isles 1953 5th TestEngland v Australiat376
12th August 1954 Pakistan in British Isles 1954 4th TestEngland v Pakistant390
13th August 1955 South Africa in England 1955 5th TestEngland v South Africat412
23rd August 1956 Australia in British Isles 1956 5th TestEngland v Australiat429
22nd August 1957 West Indies in British Isles 1957 5th TestEngland v West Indiest443
21st August 1958 New Zealand in British Isles 1958 5th TestEngland v New Zealandt458
20th August 1959 India in British Isles 1959 5th TestEngland v Indiat478
18th August 1960 South Africa in England 1960 5th TestEngland v South Africat496
17th August 1961 Australia in British Isles 1961 5th TestEngland v Australiat511
16th August 1962 Pakistan in British Isles 1962 5th TestEngland v Pakistant534
22nd August 1963 West Indies in British Isles 1963 5th TestEngland v West Indiest547
13th August 1964 Australia in British Isles 1964 5th TestEngland v Australiat565
26th August 1965 South Africa in England 1965 3rd TestEngland v South Africat596
18th August 1966 West Indies in British Isles 1966 5th TestEngland v West Indiest609
24th August 1967 Pakistan in England 1967 3rd TestEngland v Pakistant623
22nd August 1968 Australia in British Isles 1968 5th TestEngland v Australiat641
21st August 1969 New Zealand in British Isles 1969 3rd TestEngland v New Zealandt658
19th August 1971 India in England 1971 3rd TestEngland v Indiat692
10th August 1972 Australia in British Isles 1972 5th TestEngland v Australiat702
26th July 1973 West Indies in England 1973 1st TestEngland v West Indiest725
22nd August 1974 Pakistan in England 1974 3rd TestEngland v Pakistant744
28th August 1975 Australia in England 1975 4th TestEngland v Australiat763
12th August 1976 West Indies in British Isles 1976 5th TestEngland v West Indiest781
25th August 1977 Australia in British Isles 1977 5th TestEngland v Australiat808
27th July 1978 New Zealand in British Isles 1978 1st TestEngland v New Zealandt828
30th August 1979 India in England 1979 4th TestEngland v Indiat854
24th July 1980 West Indies in British Isles 1980 4th TestEngland v West Indiest883
27th August 1981 Australia in British Isles 1981 6th TestEngland v Australiat908
8th July 1982 India in British Isles 1982 3rd TestEngland v Indiat930
14th July 1983 New Zealand in England 1983 1st TestEngland v New Zealandt957
9th August 1984 West Indies in British Isles 1984 5th TestEngland v West Indiest993
29th August 1985 Australia in British Isles 1985 6th TestEngland v Australiat1022
21st August 1986 New Zealand in England 1986 3rd TestEngland v New Zealandt1051
6th August 1987 Pakistan in British Isles 1987 5th TestEngland v Pakistant1079
4th August 1988 West Indies in England 1988 5th TestEngland v West Indiest1102
24th August 1989 Australia in British Isles 1989 6th TestEngland v Australiat1126
23rd August 1990 India in British Isles 1990 3rd TestEngland v Indiat1150
8th August 1991 West Indies in British Isles 1991 5th TestEngland v West Indiest1175
6th August 1992 Pakistan in British Isles 1992 5th TestEngland v Pakistant1193
19th August 1993 Australia in British Isles 1993 6th TestEngland v Australiat1231
18th August 1994 South Africa in British Isles 1994 3rd TestEngland v South Africat1266
24th August 1995 West Indies in British Isles 1995 6th TestEngland v West Indiest1303
22nd August 1996 Pakistan in British Isles 1996 3rd TestEngland v Pakistant1332
21st August 1997 Australia in British Isles 1997 6th TestEngland v Australiat1377
27th August 1998 Sri Lanka in England 1998 Only TestEngland v Sri Lankat1423
19th August 1999 New Zealand in England 1999 4th TestEngland v New Zealandt1458
31st August 2000 West Indies in British Isles 2000 5th TestEngland v West Indiest1509
23rd August 2001 Australia in British Isles 2001 5th TestEngland v Australiat1558
5th September 2002 India in England 2002 4th TestEngland v Indiat1614
4th September 2003 South Africa in British Isles 2003 5th TestEngland v South Africat1659
19th August 2004 West Indies in British Isles 2004 4th TestEngland v West Indiest1712
8th September 2005 Australia in British Isles 2005 5th TestEngland v Australiat1763
17th August 2006 Pakistan in British Isles 2006 4th TestEngland v Pakistant1814
9th August 2007 India in British Isles 2007 3rd TestEngland v Indiat1842
7th August 2008 South Africa in England 2008 4th TestEngland v South Africat1885
20th August 2009 Australia in British Isles 2009 5th TestEngland v Australiat1931
18th August 2010 Pakistan in England 2010 3rd TestEngland v Pakistant1970
18th August 2011 India in England 2011 4th TestEngland v Indiat2004
19th July 2012 South Africa in England 2012 1st TestEngland v South Africat2049
21st August 2013 Australia in British Isles 2013 5th TestEngland v Australiat2094
15th August 2014 India in England 2014 5th TestEngland v Indiat2137
20th August 2015 Australia in England and Ireland 2015 5th TestEngland v Australiat2178
11th August 2016 Pakistan in England and Ireland 2016 4th TestEngland v Pakistant2216
27th July 2017 South Africa in England 2017 3rd TestEngland v South Africat2266
7th September 2018 India in England and Ireland 2018 5th TestEngland v Indiat2318
12th September 2019 Australia in England 2019 5th TestEngland v Australiat2362
2nd September 2021 India in England 2021 4th TestEngland v Indiat2433
8th September 2022 South Africa in British Isles 2022 3rd TestEngland v South Africat2476
7th June 2023 ICC World Test Championship 2021 to 2023 FinalAustralia v Indiat2505
27th July 2023 Australia in England 2023 5th TestEngland v Australiat2510