ODI Matches played on Jinnah Stadium, Sialkot (9)

16th October 1976 New Zealand in India and Pakistan 1976/77 only ODIPakistan v New Zealando40
30th December 1977 England in New Zealand and Pakistan 1977/78 2nd ODIPakistan v Englando46
13th October 1978 India in Pakistan 1978/79 2nd ODIPakistan v Indiao55
5th December 1980 Wills Series 1980/81 2nd ODIPakistan v West Indieso96
31st October 1984 Wills Series 1984/85 2nd ODIPakistan v Indiao273
2nd December 1984 Wills Series 1984/85 3rd ODIPakistan v New Zealando278
14th November 1986 Wills Series 1986/87 3rd ODIPakistan v West Indieso398
6th November 1990 New Zealand in Pakistan 1990/91 3rd ODIPakistan v New Zealando638
6th December 1996 New Zealand in Pakistan 1996/97 2nd ODIPakistan v New Zealando1148