Miscellaneous Matches played on Lenasia Stadium, Johannesburg (32)

Note that the only matches included in this list are those for which CricketArchive has a scorecard on its database
3rd March 1974 Stellenbosch Farmers' Wineries Trophy 1973/74 Semi-FinalTransvaal v Natalmisc67280
12th January 1975 Stellenbosch Farmers' Wineries Trophy 1974/75 Quarter-FinalTransvaal v Eastern Provincemisc67287
12th March 1977 Barlow Vision Premier League 1976/77  Kohinoor v Balfour Parkmisc878630
19th November 1977 Curries Chevrolet Premier League 1977/78  Rangers v West Randmisc901472
7th October 1978 Curries Chevrolet Premier League 1978/79  Kohinoor v West Randmisc901480
4th October 1980 Other matches in South Africa 1980/81  Transvaal Invitation XI v Varachia XImisc864134
21st February 1981 Hansa Premier League 1980/81  Kohinoor v Old Edwardiansmisc880009
20th February 1982 Hansa Premier League 1981/82  Kohinoor v Old Edwardiansmisc880022
13th February 1983 Benson and Hedges Trophy 1982/83 Quarter-FinalTransvaal B v Natal Bmisc67268
6th March 1983 Benson and Hedges Trophy 1982/83 Semi-FinalTransvaal B v Western Provincemisc67270
15th January 1984 Benson and Hedges Trophy 1983/84 Group BEastern Transvaal v Transvaal Bmisc67219
28th January 1984 Benson and Hedges Trophy 1983/84 Quarter-FinalTransvaal B v Western Provincemisc67223
10th March 1984 Booley Bowl 1983/84 FinalTransvaal B v Western Province Bmisc660497
23rd February 1985 Benson and Hedges Trophy 1984/85 Quarter-FinalTransvaal v Bordermisc67248
27th December 1985 Booley Bowl 1985/86 Section ITransvaal B v Natal Bmisc917115
4th January 1988 South African Cricket Board Under-21 Tournament 1987/88  South African Senior Schools Sports Association v Western Province Under-21smisc660553
6th January 1990 South African Cricket Board Dr Abu-Baker Asvat Memorial Under-16 Tournament 1989/90  Transvaal High Schools v South African Cricket Board Under-16smisc67388
22nd September 1993 Barbados in South Africa 1993/94  United Cricket Board of South Africa Invitation XI v Barbadosmisc38171
7th December 1994 Pakistan in South Africa and Zimbabwe 1994/95  Transvaal Invitation XI v Pakistanismisc10327
1st December 1999 England in South Africa and Zimbabwe 1999/00  Gauteng Invitation XI v England XImisc9591
7th December 2001 UCB Under-19 Competition 2001/02  Gauteng Under-19s v Easterns Under-19smisc285287
4th February 2003 ICC World Cup 2002/03 Warm-upGauteng v Pakistanmisc27545
21st February 2004 Army in South Africa 2003/04  Lenasia v Armymisc354733
30th November 2006 CSA Under-19 Competition 2006/07 Pool DGauteng Under-19s v Easterns Under-19smisc42027
5th January 2008 CSA Under-19 One-Day Competition 2007/08 Pool DGauteng Under-19s v Northerns Under-19smisc59688
24th August 2008 Bangladesh Cricket Board Academy in South Africa 2008/09  South Africa Academy v Bangladesh Cricket Board Academymisc59254
27th November 2008 CSA Under-19 Three-Day Competition 2008/09 Pool CGauteng Under-19s v Easterns Under-19smisc59657
7th August 2011 Bangladesh Cricket Board Academy in South Africa 2011  South Africa Academy v Bangladesh Cricket Board Academymisc172877
25th November 2011 CSA Under-19 Three-Day Competition 2011/12 Pool CGauteng Under-19s v North West Under-19smisc173599
12th December 2014 CSA Under-17 Week 2014/15  Northerns Under-17s v South Western Districts Under-17smisc512323
11th December 2015 CSA Under-13 Week 2015/16  Boland Under-13s v KwaZulu-Natal Inland Under-13smisc651477
13th December 2015 CSA Under-13 Week 2015/16  KwaZulu-Natal Under-13s v Limpopo Under-13smisc651505