Burgher Recreation Club Ground, Colombo - Lowest Team Totals in first-class cricket

61Burgher Recreation Club v Moors Sports Club2012/13f54654
64Singha Sports Club v Burgher Recreation Club1996/97f42985
79Ragama Cricket Club v Moratuwa Sports Club2001/02f46341
81Sri Lanka Air Force Sports Club v Burgher Recreation Club1989/90f38520
81Singha Sports Club v Burgher Recreation Club1999/00f44763
85Police Sports Club v Kalutara Physical Culture Centre2016/17f57685
86Sri Lanka Ports Authority Cricket Club v Burgher Recreation Club2017/18f58346
89Burgher Recreation Club v Sinhalese Sports Club2002/03f47153
90Moors Sports Club v Sri Lanka Army Sports Club2017/18f58504
93Kurunegala Youth Cricket Club v Sebastianites Cricket and Athletic Club1993/94f41016
95Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club v Burgher Recreation Club1997/98f43482
96Burgher Recreation Club v Matara Sports Club2000/01f45711
99Matara Sports Club v Burgher Recreation Club2000/01f45711