West Indies Competition Matches played on Mindoo Phillip Park, Castries (15)

(count excludes the 3 matches in which no play was possible)
11th March 1966 Shell Shield 1965/66  Combined Leeward and Windward Islands v Trinidad and Tobagowid10
14th March 1970 Shell Shield 1969/70  Combined Leeward and Windward Islands v Jamaicawid38
22nd January 1971 Shell Shield 1970/71  Combined Leeward and Windward Islands v Barbadoswid41
9th February 1974 Shell Shield 1973/74  Combined Leeward and Windward Islands v Trinidad and Tobagowid76
19th January 1978 Shell Shield 1977/78  Combined Leeward and Windward Islands v Barbadoswid110
21st January 1984 Shell Shield 1983/84  Windward Islands v Leeward Islandswid180
10th January 1986 Shell Shield 1985/86  Windward Islands v Leeward Islandswid209a
11th April 1987 Shell Shield 1986/87 Group AWindward Islands v Leeward Islandswid225
26th January 1989 Red Stripe Cup 1988/89  Windward Islands v Leeward Islandswid245
19th January 1990 Red Stripe Cup 1989/90  Windward Islands v Jamaicawid266a
7th February 1992 Red Stripe Cup 1991/92  Windward Islands v Guyanawid293
5th March 1993 Red Stripe Cup 1992/93  Windward Islands v Leeward Islandswid315
7th January 1994 Red Stripe Cup 1993/94  Windward Islands v Trinidad and Tobagowid318
27th January 1995 Red Stripe Cup 1994/95  Windward Islands v Jamaicawid341
31st January 1997 Red Stripe Cup 1996/97  Windward Islands v Jamaicawid366
14th January 2000 Busta Cup 1999/00  Windward Islands v Trinidad and Tobagowid427
9th February 2001 Busta Cup 2000/01  Windward Islands v England Awid463
20th January 2006 Carib Beer Cup 2005/06  Windward Islands v Leeward Islandswid602a