List A Matches played on Guaracara Park, Pointe-a-Pierre (9)

17th March 1982 Geddes Grant/Harrison Line Trophy 1981/82  Trinidad and Tobago v Jamaicaa3242
26th January 1983 Geddes Grant/Harrison Line Trophy 1982/83 Zone BTrinidad and Tobago v Windward Islandsa3551
26th January 1984 Geddes Grant/Harrison Line Trophy 1983/84 Zone ATrinidad and Tobago v Guyanaa3900
10th January 1990 Geddes Grant Shield 1989/90 Zone BTrinidad and Tobago v Windward Islandsa6392
16th January 1991 Geddes Grant Shield 1990/91 Zone BTrinidad and Tobago v Windward Islandsa6918
17th March 1991 Australia in West Indies and Bermuda 1990/91  Trinidad and Tobago v Australiansa6956
27th January 1993 Geddes Grant Shield 1992/93  Trinidad and Tobago v Windward Islandsa7918
26th January 1994 Geddes Grant Shield 1993/94  Trinidad and Tobago v Guyanaa8523
4th June 1997 Sri Lanka in West Indies 1996/97  Trinidad and Tobago v Sri Lankansa10548