First-Class Matches played on Chedwin Park, Spanish Town (15)

10th January 1981 Shell Shield 1980/81  Jamaica v Trinidad and Tobagof33410
7th February 1981 Shell Shield 1980/81  Jamaica v Barbadosf33459
20th March 1997 Red Stripe Cup 1996/97  Jamaica v Leeward Islandsf43010
22nd January 1998 England in West Indies 1997/98  West Indies A v England XIf43502
19th February 1998 West Indies Board President's Cup 1997/98  Jamaica v Trinidad and Tobagof43575
26th January 2001 Busta Cup 2000/01  Jamaica v Trinidad and Tobagof45588
8th March 2002 Busta Cup 2001/02  Jamaica v Bangladesh Af46499
4th March 2005 Carib Beer Cup 2004/05  Jamaica v Barbadosf48541
27th January 2006 Carib Beer Cup 2005/06  Jamaica v Guyanaf49166
28th January 2007 Carib Beer Cup 2006/07  Jamaica v Barbadosf49882
8th January 2010 Regional Four Day Competition 2009/10  Jamaica v Windward Islandsf52195
3rd April 2010 Ireland in West Indies 2009/10  Jamaica v Irelandf52369
11th March 2011 Regional Four Day Competition 2010/11  Jamaica v Combined Campuses and Collegesf53053
7th February 2024 West Indies 4-day Championship 2023/24  Barbados v Combined Campuses and Collegesf62077
21st February 2024 West Indies 4-day Championship 2023/24  Combined Campuses and Colleges v Windward Islandsf62148