Ulster Cups Matches played on The Glen, Londonderry (5)

(count excludes the 3 matches in which no play was possible)
8th May 2005 Ulster Shield 2005 First RoundBonds Glen v Holywoodulcup105
5th June 2005 Ulster Shield 2005 Quarter-FinalBonds Glen v Larneulcup118
6th June 2010 Ulster Shield 2010 First RoundBonds Glen v Dundrumulcup248
27th June 2010 Ulster Shield 2010 Quarter-FinalBonds Glen v Derriaghyulcup257
12th May 2013 Ulster Shield 2013 First RoundBonds Glen v Laurelvaleulcup353b
7th June 2015 Ulster Shield 2015 First RoundBonds Glen v Drumanessulcup411
7th June 2015 Ulster Plate 2015 First RoundBonds Glen Second XI v Church of Ireland Young Men's Society Second XIulcup411a
12th June 2016 Ulster Shield 2016 First RoundBonds Glen v Templepatrickulcup459c