Teams Jonathan Augustus played for

Main FCTrinidad and Tobago (2013/14)
Main ListATrinidad and Tobago (2004/05)
Other ListAWest Indies Under-19s (2003/04)
Under-19 ODIWest Indies Under-19s (2003/04)
Second Eleven ChampionshipLeicestershire Second XI (2008)
Second Eleven TrophyLeicestershire Second XI (2008)
Sussex Premier LeagueLewes Priory (2007)
National Village KnockoutSlinfold (2008)
Under-19 World CupWest Indies Under-19s (2003/04)
West Indies CompetitionTrinidad and Tobago (2013/14)
MiscellaneousTrinidad and Tobago Under-19s (2003)
 North Trinidad (2003/04-2013/14)
 West Indies Under-19s (2003/04)
 Slinfold (2008-2010)
 Leicestershire Second XI (2008)
 Trinidad and Tobago A (2013/14)
 JN Mohammed's XI (2013/14)