Charlie Puckett as Umpire in Cricketer Cup Matches (8)

Officials are not known for all matches on the database - if you can fill in any missing details please contact us
3rd June 1990 The Cricketer Cup 1990 First RoundSt Edward's Martyrs v Old Wellingtonians St Edward's School Ground, Oxford crcup710
2nd June 1991 The Cricketer Cup 1991 First RoundEton Ramblers v Stowe Templars Agar's Plough, Eton College crcup731
7th August 1994 The Cricketer Cup 1994 FinalOld Cliftonians v Old Tonbridgians Vincent Square, Westminster crcup854
2nd June 1996 The Cricketer Cup 1996 First RoundEton Ramblers v Charterhouse Friars Upper Club, Eton College crcup889
31st May 1998 The Cricketer Cup 1998 First RoundEton Ramblers v Old Blundellians Upper Club, Eton College crcup950
17th June 2018 The Cricketer Cup 2018 First RoundOld Merchant Taylors v Harrow Wanderers Merchant Taylors' School Ground, Northwood crcup1566
16th June 2019 The Cricketer Cup 2019 First RoundCharterhouse Friars v Old Hurst Johnians Charterhouse School, Godalming crcup1589
30th June 2019 The Cricketer Cup 2019 Second RoundOld Merchant Taylors v Old Bedfordians Merchant Taylors' School Ground, Northwood crcup1605