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RG Sharma and S Dhawan to open the batting
12:29 GMT: Start of innings
MG Johnson comes on to bowl
Powerplay 1 (comp): overs 1-10
0b12Johnson to Sharma
full length outside off stump, driven to extar cover for cuople
0b21back of a length angles in ball, nudges to leg side
0b34bJohnson to Dhawan
banged in shot, sways away, keeper could'nt grab it
0b40back of length outside off stump, left alone
0b51good length angles away ball, guides it to third man
0b60Johnson to Sharma
banged in short , lets it go to the keeper
End of over 1:(8 runs scored) India 8-0 (Sharma 3*, 3 balls, Dhawan 1*, 3 balls)

CJ McKay comes on to bowl
1b10McKay to Dhawan
full length outside off stump, driven to cover
1b20good length outside off stump, left alone
1b34full length outside off stump, charging down the track and drive sto extra cover for four
1b40full length on off stump, driven back to the bowler
1b50good length angles in ball, watchfuly left
1b60charging down the track, can't connect
End of over 2:(4 runs scored) India 12-0 (Sharma 3*, 3 balls, Dhawan 5*, 9 balls)
2b10Johnson to Sharma
full length outside off stump, driven to cover
2b20good length on off stump, comes forward and pushes to point
2b30full length on leg stump, clipped to mid-wicket
2b40good length outside off stump, goes for the cut, misses it to the keeper
2b50banged in short, worked to on-side
2b62short ball on off stump, pulls it to mid-wicket for couple
End of over 3:(2 runs scored) India 14-0 (Sharma 5*, 9 balls, Dhawan 5*, 9 balls)
3b14McKay to Dhawan
full length outside off stump, driven hard to extar cover for four
3b21full length seaming in ball, flicked to leg side
3b30McKay to Sharma
fuller in length outside off stump, left alone
3b40full length angles in ball, on the front foot, flicked to mid-wicket
3b50good length delivery on off stump, left alone
3b64full length on off stump, gets an outside edge past first slip for four
End of over 4:(9 runs scored) India 23-0 (Sharma 9*, 13 balls, Dhawan 10*, 11 balls)
4b14Johnson to Dhawan
banged in short, pulls it fine to deep fine leg fence four
12:48 GMT: Rain stops play
12:50 GMT: Rain has stopped the play again. Players have left the field
12:55 GMT: It has been an exciting start of the second innings as Johnson is getting bounce off the track and Dhawan playing aggressive strokes. It will be a thrilling match hopefuly match will start soon!
13:31 GMT: Its raining like cats and dogs now, no update yet
14:45 GMT: If play will be possible India's target will be 150 in 20 overs, to win this ODI, they need to score 123 runs in 15.5 overs
14:45 GMT: It is still drizzling at the JSCA Stadium, Ranchi. The ground staff are working to clear the water
15:21 GMT: Match has been abandoned
15:31 GMT: India won the toss and put Australia into bat. Aussies lost early wickets but captain Bailey who scored brilliant 98 and got them off trouble. He is the highest scorer in the series. The changes in the Indian bowlling attack worked but the dropped catches have left some question marks. Australia still up in the series. That is it for today, Join us on 26 Oct at 08:00 GMT, for 5th ODI from Cuttack
15:37 GMT: Play resumes
Last over 5:(4 runs scored) India 27-0 (Sharma 9*, 13 balls, Dhawan 14*, 12 balls)
15:37 GMT: End of innings
End of the match: No result
15:37 GMT: End of the session's play
15:37 GMT: Close of play for the day