Cricket in Pakistan in 1981/82

List of all First-Class matches
List of all ListA matches
Season's First-class Averages for Batting or Bowling
Season's ListA Averages for Batting or Bowling
BCCP Patron's Trophy 1981/82
Inter-Services Cricket Championship 1981/82
International XI in Pakistan 1981/82
Lahore Division Inter-District Under-16 Championship 1981/82
North-West Frontier Province Under-19 Inter-District Tournament 1981/82
Other matches in Pakistan 1981/82
Pakistan Automobile Corporation (PACO) Cup 1981/82
Pakistan Education Boards Championship 1981/82
Pakistan Sports Board Under-19 Inter-Provincial Tournament 1981/82
Pakistan Universities Championship 1981/82
Quaid-e-Azam Trophy 1981/82
Sind Sports Board Inter-Division Under-19 Tournament 1981/82
Sri Lanka in Pakistan 1981/82
Wills Cup 1981/82
Wills Series 1981/82
Age Group Cricket
Under-19 Cricket
National Under-19 Championship 1981/82