Cricket in New Zealand in 1982/83

List of all First-Class matches
List of all ListA matches
Season's First-class Averages for Batting or Bowling
Season's ListA Averages for Batting or Bowling
Australian Capital Territory in New Zealand 1982/83
Australian XI in New Zealand 1982/83
Chapple Cup 1982/83
Club Cricket Conference in Australia, New Zealand and the Far East 1982/83
Hansells Cup 1982/83
Hawke Cup 1982/83
National Second Eleven Competition 1982/83
Other matches in New Zealand 1982/83
Rothmans Cup 1982/83
RW Biggar Memorial Trophy 1982/83
Shell Cup 1982/83
Shell Trophy 1982/83
Sri Lanka in Australia and New Zealand 1982/83
Women's National Second XI Tournament 1982/83
Age Group Cricket
Under-19 Cricket
Northern United Building Society Under-19 Tournament 1982/83
Under-22 Cricket
Prudential Under-22 Tournament 1982/83
Under-25 Cricket
Australia Under-25s Women in New Zealand 1982/83
Cricket in Canterbury
Cup Cricket
Canterbury Minor Associations Cup 1982/83